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Your Guide to Surviving Finals Week

Surviving Finals Week Text on an image of a desktop with office supplies on it

Study days and finals are almost here but don't worry, Lau has what you need to get through it!

1. Study Spaces

Georges Hautecourt from the Disney movie The Aristocats carefully removes the cap from his pen and prepares to take dictation

The Library has every kind of study space you could need to get started: quiet study areas, individual graduate student carrels, group study rooms, open computer labs, collaborative computer stations, production rooms, and more!

2. Subject Guides

Homer from the cartoon The Simpsons flips through the pages of a three ring binder with a worried expression on his face

Getting a bit of a late start on some research? We’ll have you caught up in no time! Our librarians have prepared hundreds of subject guides that give you the best resources for every topic, so you can write a successful paper. And remember, if you want more help: our subject librarians are available for consultations as well!

3. Library Chat

Jeff Winger from the TV show Community sits with a book and says: Does anybody know how to study?

Need help finding something at the Library or on the Library’s website? Chat with us! The Library’s chat service is available every day whenever the Circulation Desk is open (that’s 8:30 am to midnight most days). Have a last-minute research question? The Research Services’ chat is available every day whenever the Reference Desk is open.

4. Lynda.com

Learn to use the Internet Level II introduction from an instructional video showing VCR tracking lines

Using a new program or tool and can’t get it to work quite right? Don’t take it out on your computer—just log into Lynda.com! Lynda.com has thousands of tutorials on software applications (and professional skills), broken down into short segments so you can find exactly what you’re looking for and master it in minutes.

5. Chargers, Ear Plugs, Markers, and More

Ders from the TV show Workaholics enters a high school library and says: What's up with all deez books?

The Circulation Desk isn’t just for books! The Library also has Mac laptop chargers, iPhone chargers, Samsung Android phone chargers, ear plugs, dry-erase board markers, laptop locks, and headphones available for check-out at the Lauinger Circulation Desk. Forgot your calculator? You don’t have to give up your favorite seat to run back to your room! The Circulation Desks at Lauinger Library and Blommer Science Library have calculators (both regular and graphing). Blommer Science Library also has book props to help you study more comfortably with large textbooks.


Jake the Dog and Finn the Human from the cartoon Adventure Time walk along the road as Jake says: I was reading the same paragraph over and over for, like, eleven minutes

If you are feeling stressed, check out our Keep Calm and Finals On stress relief activities that run from December 10 through December 14! Good luck with finals! You got this!