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Georgetown OneSearch Help

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Refining Results

If OneSearch brings back too many results, use the limiting features under the “Refine your search” heading in the left-hand column. In addition to limiting to online full text, articles from scholarly/peer reviewed publications, you may exclude newspapers if they are included in your results. Use the following facets to narrow your search even further:

Format Publication Date
Author * Subject Terms
Library Location Language
Genre * Region *
Time Period*  

* Only appear when limiting to only books and e-books.

Expanding Results

  • Select "Add results beyond GT and Consortium collections" from under "Refine your search."
  • Re-evaluate your search terms. You may need to use fewer terms in your initial search.

Search Options

Basic Search Either begin a “New Search” or retain your existing search limits by selecting “Keep search refinements” prior to clicking the Search button.
Advanced Search Provides additional options such as limiting by author, title, ISBN, ISSN, publication title, volume and issue number, publication dates, and content type. Use this search option to get more targeted search results

Boolean Searching

Operator Alternate Symbol Examples
AND Ampersand (&) property rights AND women
property rights & women
OR   matrimony OR domesticity
NOT Minus sign (-) African NOT American
African -American

Notes: Boolean operators must be capitalized.
When no operator is specified, AND is assumed.
The ampersand (&) is equated with AND in all languages except Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.
When using the minus sign (-), do not place a space between the minus and the word you wish to omit.


Character Explanation Examples
? Matches one character wom?n matches woman or women
* Matches zero or more characters within a word or at the end of a word hum*r matches humor or humour
monstr* matches monstrous or monstrosity

Note: Wildcards cannot be used at the beginning of a search term or with phrase searching. OK?

Phrase Searching

Character Explanation Examples
“ ” Searches for the exact phrase between the quotation marks “married women’s property act”

Note: Even without the use of quotation marks, phrase matches score higher than any-order word matches.

Proximity Searching (within a specified number of words from each other)

Syntax Example
Enclose search terms in quotation marks and follow with a tilde (~) and the number of words that can appear between your search terms. “London tower”~10

Note: Proximity searching does not take the order of terms into account.

 Native-Language Searching

Summon supports searching in the following languages:

Arabic Korean
Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) Malay
Danish Portuguese
Dutch Romanian
English Spanish
French Swedish
German Thai
Japanese Turkish

Field Searching


Searchable FieldsExamples
Title Title:(A Midwife’s Tale)
SubjectTerms SubjectTerms:(manifest destiny)
Author Author:(Leah Price) OR Author:(Price, Leah)
Publisher Publisher:(Oxford University Press)
PublicationTitle PublicationTitle:(Victorian Studies)
Volume Volume:(7)
Issue Issue:(1)
Language Language:(Swahili)
Notes Notes:(Woman in White)
ISBN ISBN:(9780415201797)
ISSN ISSN:(0021-8723) OR ISSN:( 00218723)
DOI DOI:(10.1038/464329c)

Note: Field searching can be combined with Boolean operators.

Opening ARTstor Images

In order to view images from ARTstor, add and to the allowed pop-up exceptions in your Internet browser. See the ARTstor documentation for further details.