Starting in January 2020, pick up, return, and reserve equipment from the 3rd-floor Circulation Desk. For more details, read our announcement about Media Equipment Moving from Gelardin to the Lauinger Circulation Desk.

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Submit a Patron Claims Returned/Not-Checked-Out Claim

If you find that an item from Lauinger Library is still on your HoyaSearch account which you believe you have returned or never checked out, please file a claim using the form at the bottom of this page.

After submitting your claim, we ask that you do the following:

  • Search once more in your office, car, home, study carrel, etc. for the item.
  • If possible, check in the stacks in the library to see if the item was reshelved. Our staff searches for missing materials on a regular basis, but your help may expedite the process.
  • Request receipts of return for all materials returned to the Library.

Our staff will complete a minimum of 5 searches for the item over the course of two weeks from the date your claim is received. You will be notified via email if the item is found, or if further steps are needed to resolve the matter. Patron claimed-returned/not-checked-out (PCR/PCNC) materials must remain on your account throughout the search process and you will continue to receive automatic overdue notices.

Please note that blocks may automatically be placed on your account if the claimed-returned/not-checked-out item is overdue, recalled, etc., which may result in you losing the ability to borrow new items or renew materials online. However, while your claim is being processed, library staff will be happy to override these blocks at the circulation desk, over the phone, or via our help chat.

If you need to submit a claim for an item you requested through interlibrary loan or materials or equipment from the Gelardin New Media Center, please contact those departments directly. You may use this form for items requested via the Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC), but please note that those claims will be forwarded to and resolved by the owning library's staff. 

Please contact us at, or call the circulation desk at 202-687-7607, should you require any further information.