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many students standing in front of Healy Hall

Georgetown College Class of 1929 in front of Healy Hall, October 1925, University Archives

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Class of 1929

photograph of students in front of Healy Hall before conservation treatment
photograph of students in front of Healy Hall after conservation treatment

Class of 1929, black and white photograph print (developed out process).

This documentary photograph from the University Archives was conserved in 2012. The photograph had a brittle support and had split in half, due to the emulsion fighting with the support over a long period of time. Heat and humidity had also caused chemical and mechanical decay. Conservation for this photograph included: surface cleaning; removal of tape from the back of the photograph; reattaching the separated halves; mending tears and filling in losses with Japanese paper and wheat starch paste; consolidating losses and lifted areas with gelatin solution; humidification of the print; and hinging the print into a window mat.