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Vedute di Roma

book with red leather binding before conservation treatment
book with red leather binding after conservation treatment

Vedute di Roma  (volume 17)  from the 21-volume Firmin-Didot edition of The Works of Giovanni Battista Piranesi. Georgetown University Art Collection; Booth Family Center for Special Collections. Donated by William Doniger in memory of Katherine Dimock Doniger.

As the wear on the binding can attest, this "views of Rome" volume was among the most often examined of a set of Piranesi’s etchings once in the private library of Pope Gregory XVI. Conservators restored the original volume in 2013 by providing new hinges (where the covers join the spine) made with Japanese paper. Toned Japanese paper was also used to repair the scuffed sections of leather and to reattach the section of the spine (the "head cap" of this volume) that had separated.