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Elyse Kelly

Elyse Kelly profile picture
"Gelardin is a crucial resource for my animation class. The students have access to two main film production spaces, one that is specifically setup for stop motion animation. Animation is a time intensive process and having a dedicated space for my students to work outside the classroom has been invaluable."

Elyse Kelly is a producer and animator based in Washington DC. She recently co-directed Fired Up, an animated short that depicts the origins of President Obama’s “fired up, ready to go” chant. Released on the final day of the Obama presidency, the film was featured by The Atlantic and seen more than 7 million times. Elyse has over a decade of experience in animation and film, working on commercials, television specials, music videos, short independent films and documentary series for clients such as Nickelodeon, Columbia Records, ESPN Films, Upworthy and Disney Research. She holds an MFA in Animation & Digital Arts from the University of Southern California and a BS in Architecture from the University of Virginia.

For Introduction to Animation (ARTS 166), students animate a segment from a song of their choosing using different mediums (paint, sand, cutouts, clay), make a short film by animating people, animate a line of dialogue, and reinterpret live action footage through rotoscoping.


Diamond - Oil paint on glass
A short animation made with cut-outs and oil paint on glass.
Into The Past Animation
A short animation of part of a letter Julia's grandfather wrote her as a child.
Makeup being applied to a woman's eye
An animation of makeup application contrasted with destruction of the body.
Screenshot from America's Next Top Animal
An animated short reflecting the barbarity of the modeling industry.
Still from "Gym Class"
A moment in gym class creates confusion about the human body.
Visual Music Screenshot
This stop motion animation project was completed using M&M's, Skittles, and black and white beans.
A trippy animated music video created for the Intro to Animation class.
Remember Me
This stop motion animation is dedicated to one student's parents waiting for their only child to return home to South Korea.
Silhouette of Georgetown University's Healy Hall
A Georgetown student describes his unique experience with imposter syndrome while on campus.