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Sarah Stewart Johnson

Sarah Stewart Johnson profile picture
"Working closely with the staff of the Gelardin Center [of] New Media, the students merged 360 degree footage they filmed in the field with educational content they designed in line with the pedogogy of “universal design” to produce an immersive, accessible learning experience."

Sarah Stewart Johnson is an assistant professor of planetary science at Georgetown University, where she runs the Johnson Biosignatures Lab. She is a member of the Department of Biology and the Science, Technology, and International Affairs Program. Her research focuses on astrobiology, particularly with regard to the search for life on Mars.

For Environmental Geoscience (STIA 227) students  create a “virtual field trip” as part of a comparative study of the water quality of the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers.


On a boat at Fletcher's Cove
360-degree footage of an Environmental Geoscience Lab's water quality tests.