Mission, Vision & Values


  • To be recognized as the leading Library for the study of international relations in the Middle East.


  • The GU-Q Library is a dynamic organization dedicated to fulfilling the mission of Georgetown University in Qatar. By providing preeminent collections, services, and spaces, the GU-Q Library establishes the foundation for learning and research and facilitates the ongoing creation and pursuit of knowledge.


  • Integrity – honesty, fairness, and professionalism in our work with each other and with our users.
  • Quality – performance at the highest levels, and accountability for our actions.
  • Diversity – active acquisition of diverse collections and recruitment for a diverse workforce, with commitment to developing and maintaining a climate of openness and respect for all ideas, values, cultures, and traditions.
  • Leadership – cultivation of leadership at all levels of the organization; understanding and appreciation of our unique role in “nation building” Qatar; endorsement of informed risk-taking; and contribution to the advancement of the profession.
  • Collaboration – open communication, collaboration and collegiality within Georgetown University and across Qatar Foundation and the region.
  • Lifelong learning – continuous pursuit of knowledge, commitment to the teaching and inculcation of transferable research and learning skills, and promotion of lifelong learning for our students and alumni.
  • Women and Men for others – take every opportunity to cultivate a relationship with our users including students, faculty, and the community at large.