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Detail from Sculling on the Potomac by J. Love, 1888. From the University Art CollectionBooth Family Center for Special Collections

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Theses and Dissertations - Publication Options

When you complete your thesis or dissertation, you will submit it to both to ProQuest and Georgetown University's open access institutional repository, DigitalGeorgetown. During the ProQuest submission process, you will be asked to choose from two different publishing models: traditional and open access. Below is information on access, fees, royalties, and license terms for DigitalGeorgetown, ProQuest's traditional publishing, and ProQuest's open access option.


Access (assuming no embargo)

  • The full text of your thesis or dissertation may be viewed, downloaded, and printed by anyone with Internet access
  • Your work will be findable through search engines such as Google and Yahoo

Fees & Royalties

  • There is no fee to have your work included in DigitalGeorgetown
  • There are no royalties paid for works in DigitalGeorgetown

License Terms (from the Graduate School's Electronic Thesis, Doctoral Project & Dissertation Release form)

ProQuest - Traditional Publishing

Access (assuming no embargo)


  • There is no publishing fee for traditional publishing
  • The author receives royalties of 10% of ProQuest's net revenue from sales of the thesis or dissertation
  • Royalties are paid only when accrued royalties reach $25; if after 25 years, accrued royalties are less than $25, then ProQuest no longer has any obligation to pay royalties
  • To receive royalties, a current address must be on file with ProQuest

License Terms

ProQuest - Open Access Publishing

Access (assuming no embargo)

  • The citation, abstract, and full text of the thesis or dissertation is searchable and freely available to anyone with Internet access to view, download, or print through ProQuest
  • Your thesis or dissertation will be discoverable through Google Scholar


  • The fee for open access publishing is $95
  • There are no royalties paid for open access works in ProQuest

Overview (The full Open Access Publishing Agreement is available when you select the Type of Publishing in the ETD Administrator)