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General Views

1865 - the College is on the Left1865 - Observatory on left, college buildings on right1865 - Soldiers on Analostan Island - College is on the hillGroup on Lawn near Old North , 1874The College from the N.W. - 1874
Georgetown waterfront, ca. 1880New Medical School building, 1931WWII Temporary buildings along 37th Street, 1950Aerial view, 1964The 69th N.Y. Regiment at Old South, from Harper's, 1863
Main Campus, air view, 1918Air view, ca. 1963Air view, ca. 1969First aerial photo, 1918Aerial view, 1927
Aerial view, ca. 1962Aerial view, 1927Aerial view, 1927Aerial view, 1927Aerial view, 1927
Morning sun on the Potomac, c. 1989New North and the Jesuit cemetaryhigh resolution image - Dahlgren in the snowDecatur Cottage (left) Boarman House (right)site of White Gravenor building
Decatur cottageEarliest know view of the college, 1863  - high resolution imageLower resolution - College in 1863The College from Observatory Hill, 1863College from Observatory Hill - 1863
Medium Resolution - Earliest known photo of the CollegeThe Old GU Hospital, 36th and N, ca. 1900Manipulated photo, rowers on the Potomac and the HilltopHilltop from Key Bridge, ca. 1930Hilltop from Key Bridge, ca. 1980
Main Campus form Key Bridge, ca. 1980Healy from the canal, ca. 1955The Main Campus from Observatory Hill, ca. 1890From Key BridgeFrom Aqueduct Bridge, 1889
Looking West toward Georgetown from the Washington Monument,  ca. 1875From Washington Monument, ca. 1870From Washington Monument, ca. 1870From Washington Monumnet, ca. 1870From Washington Monument, ca. 1870
Healy from White-GravenorFrom the canal. ca, 1955From Analostan IslandFrom the Observatory, 1950From Analostan Island
From the Virginia shore, ca. 1980From Virginia, ca. 1920From Virginia, ca. 1965 High ResolutionFrom GW Parkway, ca. 1955From Virginia, ca. 1965 - lower resolution
Infirmary Garden, ca. 1900Old South and the Infirmary Garden, ca. 1900The Infirmary Garden, ca. 1900From the N.W. ca. 1865From the West,  ca. 1950
Healy Building, ca. 1879Steam launch on the Potomac, ca. 1885O Street, ca. 1950Lauinger Library construction site, ca. 1967Med Center, ca. 1962
Med Center, ca. 1960O Street, ca. 1950The Quadrangle, ca. 1989Site of New South, ca. 1955Simpson painting, campus ca. 1840