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Library Showcase a collage of student projects

Independent Study

Out of This World Cover Image
Music created in the Gelardin Production Studio.
3D printed Aztec architecture
A brief study of Native Mesoamerican architecture based on existing archeological data and historical documents.
Time to Write Cover Image
"Time to Write" is a rap song, written/recorded by Shawn Randolph aka Lil Matt and produced by Didi Burton.
3D printed steno machine
With the help of open source software and Gelardin's Maker Space, Max Kim designed and prototyped a steno machine.
Artwork for Time by Tayo & Eric Heron (ft. Christina Carte)
Music created in the Gelardin Production Studio.
Unsung hero @ Georgetown University
Unsung Heroes is an organization that focuses on promoting awareness and appreciation for workers that keep our university running behind-the-scenes.
The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
The project is a map of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers at the turn of the eighteenth century based on the textual sources of the period as well as modern hydro-climatological studies.
Hip hop concert in D.C.
Daniel has captured moments of dozens of his favorite rap artists live in concert from Boston to DC.
A ladder
"The Ladder" is a rap song about a fallen classmate, Matthew Douglas.
Cuban Embassy flag
This commemorates the grand opening of Cuba's embassy in Washington D.C.
Mac Miller performing
Photos from a Mac Miller concert, December 2015.
Live video game recording
The BinderBits Podcast is a topical show on film, television, and games.
Oluwafemi Adelakun Cover Image
An audio recording in the form of a hip-hop and R&B record and at the same time a sonnet with lyrics in a native African language (Hausa) and English.
Three's A Crowd Podcasters
"Three's A Crowd Sportscast" is an entertaining and innovative sports talk podcast tailored around the latest sports news.
Georgetown University campus
Summer School created a campus tour video to showcase to our students that will be visiting students this summer.
A photo of a cast-member of 11:59
We wanted to have professional-grade photography as promotional material for the cast and crew of the student-made film "11:59" by Mesbah Uddin (SFS '15).
Digital artwork preview
This piece was inspired by the biblical tale of Salome, the dancer who, on the orders of her mother Herodias, danced before King Herod and so entranced the king that he offered her whatever she desired.
Performers at the 39th edition of Cabaret
Cabaret is Georgetown University's own annual rock extravaganza. This was the 39th edition of Cabaret and the biggest to date, hosted by one of DC's favorite music venues, the Black Cat, on U Street.
Has Facebook changed the way love and attraction work? "Likable Matters" is a contemporary silent short that tries to explore this question.
Damage from Typhoon Haiyan
On November 8, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan (known locally as Yolanda) made landfall in the Philippines, making it the deadliest storm in the history of the country. I visited one of the hardest hit areas nearly one year later and photographed landscapes, individuals, artifacts, and graffiti.
This is The Hoya's official 2014-2015 Georgetown Basketball preview.
I've wanted to be a YouTuber since my very first YouTube video.
A video tour of the four freshman dorms.
This audio project, made in GarageBand and using an Olympus LS-100 from Gelardin for interviews, centers around the idea of narrative gaps in family history.
art pop thumbnail image
The ARTPOP ARTPROJECT was a 4 month long opportunity I seized to celebrate my artistic passions that I often have to ignore due to the demanding workload of being a Georgetown University student.
Last the Year EP
"Last The Year" is a self written and self recorded album that was entirely produced in Gelardin's Production Studio.
Georgetown men's rugby team
A 10 minute documentary about the Georgetown men's rugby team.
Germ (FHG)
Dante and Loren provide lyrics to a track by French hip-hop producer Germs.
See Something, Say Something explores the indirect dialogue that graffiti creates.