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Library Showcase a collage of student projects


The global pandemic has caused all of our lives to temporarily be placed on pause. But for sports in particular, teams have been forced to take an unprecedented hiatus. With the world progressively returning to normal in the wake of COVID-19 vaccinations, many teens and young adults are excited to get back in the game.
This is a podcast project completed as part of Digital News (JOUR 200) with Professor Oldenburg. In the reality of COVID-19, the job market has been handicapped.
Still image of a group of people talking
This is a news video about the impact of COVID-19 on the arts community in D.C.
The Village Well is a bookstore-cafe in Culver City, CA planning to open in the week of December 13. Jennifer Caspar has been dreaming of starting this business for decades, and when the chips finally fell into place, the world fell apart
Students studying in Lauinger Library
Why Hoyas love the "eyesore of campus."
Wedding flowers
This podcast tells the story of how one student's parents make their interracial marriage work.
94.2 WJCM "The Igloo"
This episode of 94.2 WJCM “The Igloo," features two Pittsburgh Penguins fans calling in to host Jammin’ Jimmy Musial with their thoughts on the upcoming NHL playoffs.
Veterans Day 2018
This project honors the men and women who have served our country.
Screenshot from "I can't eat books"
A short video on food insecurity and how it affects the classroom.
Scooter in front of Georgetown University
Here's the story of Georgetown's latest transportation phenomenon.
Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico
Three Puerto Rican Georgetown University students talk about how it felt to be away from the island during Hurricane Maria.
Georgetown women's rowing team
This digital story encompasses the struggles and successes of the Georgetown women's rowing team.
Stand-up Comedy Stage
This podcast discusses the comedy industry through the perspective of its members.
Ratina Whiskers Strikes Wisey's
Coverage of the Wisey's rat incident with a comedic twist.
Poetic Vibes
Last April, Harvey Fitz, 30, began hosting Poetic Vibes, a monthly open mic in Anacostia.
A family selling chicken and rice at the farmer's market.
A family sells chicken and rice at the Georgetown farmer's market.
Veterans Day in D.C.
Two Vietnam veterans discuss their time in war and battles with PTSD.
D.C. protests Mike Pence
As Mike Pence moves to the Chevy Chase neighborhood, many of his new neighbors enact a 'polite protest.'
Hispanic Reaction to Trump Election
Presenting a voice to a community that had been the subject of much vitriol over the course of Trump's election: namely Hispanics and immigrant Latinos.
Tennis team
Follows the Georgetown Women's Tennis Team after the destruction of their home courts.
The Georgetown Maker Hub
Watch this newscast to learn about Georgetown’s new Maker Hub!
Two women at a table
This video highlights a local initiative working with the KIND Causes Campaign.
Pope Francis in Juarez, Mexico
Edwin Lopez travels to Ciudad Juarez in Mid-February to cover the pope's visit for The Caravel.
A person holding a flower in their hands
College is hard enough without having to deal with serious financial worries and potential social exclusion.
Jerome Wilson MMA fighter
Jerome is an MMA fighter. This a small insight into his fighting life.