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Black students at GU and the legacy of slavery

In this podcast conducted in the format of a Radio Show, students Juliette Browne and Ndeye Ndiaye, will be addressing the impact of slavery on the legacy of education inequality and college preparedness in black communities. The podcast will be mainly focused on the descendants of the GU 272, and what can be done to ameliorate and support the education of descendants, for those who choose to attend Georgetown and for those who do not. Browne and Ndiaye interview descendent Jessica “Millie” Tilson on her perspective on ways Georgetown can ensure or at least try to ensure that members of the descendant community will be prepared and ready to attend Georgetown and how Georgetown can help Black students in general feel prepared. Browne and Ndiaye conclude their podcast by sharing personal experiences and their ideas on what steps Georgetown can take to support descendants that choose to attend and better support Black students in general as they enter and learn at Georgetown.

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Facing Georgetown's History (AMST 272)
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