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Come Walk With Me...

Pulmonary Arterial hypertension (PAH); a rare, progressive disorder. A silent disease without a cure. Up to 50 million people worldwide could be affected by pulmonary hypertension, yet so few people are aware of this silent disease. A disease where women live knowing that they can never bear a baby, yet go on with their life. A disease where young men and women’s lives’ are tied to an oxygen cylinder or a concentrator, yet go on with their daily life. A disease that makes thousands of people go breathless while doing simple tasks. As a tribute to all the people whose lives are tied up by this silent monster, this expository documentary makes the effort to express the untold stories of two such patients, Shavini and Jessica who wake up every morning not knowing if their heart will betray them, yet they live life to the fullest through their uncertain journey, fighting the odds.

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Documentary Video Production - CCTP 584
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