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Highlighting the most impressive projects created with Library resources.

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Felicia: The Life of an Octopus Fisherwoman (Trailer)

This is the trailer for a short film, which sheds light on the life of one woman, whose story aims to provide a first-hand experience of the vicious link between poverty and environmental degradation in Madagascar. A condition which not only affects her, but also millions of people in the developing world. As an orphan and later as a mother, Felicia turns to the sea as a means for sustenance, even when migration, commercial trawling, and socio- cultural fragmentation make small-scale fishing an increasingly challenging way of life.

Felicia: The Life of an Octopus Fisherwoman was selected as a finalist-level honorable mention in the 2020 Jackson Wild Media Awards. The film was also screened at the Mother Tongue Film Festival at the Smithsonian Institution in February 2020. 



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