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Illiteracy as Disempowerment

For our research methods class we were challenged to design an infographic to further the cause of a program that runs under the Center for Social Justice at Georgetown. Our project was made to reflect the vision and mission of DC Reads which some may view as a simple tutoring program, to one that seeks to address a real serious and broader issue in the schools that they work in. We highlight the possible consequences of what can happen when students are not competent in literacy, a reality for many of children the program works with. As the title suggests, we hope to highlight how without the ability to read, one is disempowered within society. By showcasing the urgency of illiteracy throughout the United States and especially in DC, our goal is to motivate Georgetown students to join organizations that are helping to build literacy, specifically DC Reads, and believe they are making a tangible impact towards addressing an important issue.

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