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Solid, Liquid, Gas

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Transitioning into college comes with optimistic aspirations paired with doubts about the people we are and the experiences we have acquired that have led us to this point. In many ways, by our 19th or 20th year of life we are solidified in many of our characteristics, yet we are mindful of the dramatic changes that are sure to ensue in the next four years. These feelings of insecurity, hope, and self seeking prompted this project.
Smoke represents the evasive and intangible moments that are impossible to grasp. The impalpability of passing time.
Paint represents the constant state of malleability, tracing the lines on which one lives life. Being open to change and to grow.
Hard lines represent solidification in ones beliefs. Content in the past and confident in their accomplishments.
These three states of matter represent stages of life that, as college students and new adults in a big world, we grapple with. We have our dreams, our goals, and our realities and we decide what we want to do with them. 
Models: Victoria Shakespeare, Grace Totman, James Jennings, Jill Aicher, Stephanie Griffith, Ana Jacobson 
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