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Zum Gali Gali: Israel's Children of War

The assignment was to make a short video about the history of a certain region of conflict. I chose to focus on Israel and made a condensed history of Israel through the lens of several children who live and have lived in Israel. The interview pool was small and not representative of the multitude of sides involved in the conflict, but as it was a school assignment I had a time restriction of 5 minutes. I included interviews I did with Tara Cunnings, Kai Koki, Gali Kronenberg, and Steven Kronenberg. I spoke to Rabbi Rachel Gartner and Ron Kronenberg as well, but their interviews were not included in the project.

I recognize that my assignment does not talk about Palestinian children other than Mohammed Abu Khadeir, however my focus was specifically Israeli, not Palestinian children. I did reach out to several Muslim Israelis, but none of them got back to me. I was also limited by the time constraint and therefore had to keep my project specific. The lack of Palestinian representation was brought up by my professor so I thought I would quickly address it here. As for my thoughts on the experience I was really glad I had the opportunity to do this slightly different kind of assignment. When I finished interviewing everyone they thanked me because no one had ever bothered to ask them about their experiences and one person said she felt relieved at finally being able to just talk about it all. War has a profound effect one people, especially children, and I think reflecting on it was cathartic in many ways for people. I'm fortunate to have had this opportunity to share their experiences and stories.

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Writ 015: Witnessing Violence
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