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Library Showcase a collage of student projects


Spring 2021

microphone and computer screen in the background
In learning about Jane Goodall's life story and her reasons for hope, I structured my own reason for hope.
Project thumbnail
In our world today, it can seem silly and tremendously difficult to remain hopeful. But what does hope even mean?
Project thumbnail
To culminate my time in Professor Trybus's class "The Jane Goodall Rules" I created this podcast that mimics Jane Goodall's own podcast - "The Hopecast" - where she reflects on her life journey and accomplishments that have been largely fueled by hope.
slide for hopecast project
The assignment was an opportunity to synthesize all of our learnings on three levels: what I learned about Dr. Goodall and her story after reading her autobiography "Reasons for Hope"...
A podcast about archives and archival research.

Fall 2020

Thumbnail slide with title and image of Lauinger library
A lot of students at prestigious U.S. universities are used to being impressive, constantly achieving lofty academic goals that garner recognition from friends and family. So how does that kind of goal-driven attitude translate into the senior job search?
This is a podcast project completed as part of Digital News (JOUR 200) with Professor Oldenburg. In the reality of COVID-19, the job market has been handicapped.

Fall 2019

Groceries on a shelf
This podcast series explores the powerful link between food and identity (set out in episode 1), and reveals the ways food can help us to support refugees and migrants in DC
Banner for Europe Desk Podcast
The Europe Desk is a podcast from the BMW Center for German and European Studies at Georgetown University. It brings together leading experts working on the most pertinent issues facing Europe and transatlantic relations today.
podcasting 361 logo
Sickness sells. This is an immersion into the anxious headspace of a hypochondriac in the age of wellness.

Spring 2019

GPPR podcast recording
In this GPPR podcast, participants discuss the keys to success for Democrats in the House in 2018, House members to watch, and priorities in the Democratic party moving forward.
Wedding flowers
This podcast tells the story of how one student's parents make their interracial marriage work.
Silhouette of a pregnant woman
This podcast describes a few of the challenges expectant mothers face in our nation’s capital.
94.2 WJCM "The Igloo"
This episode of 94.2 WJCM “The Igloo," features two Pittsburgh Penguins fans calling in to host Jammin’ Jimmy Musial with their thoughts on the upcoming NHL playoffs.
After We Cry album artwork
This soulful and passionate hip hop song talks about pain and suffering that African Americans/Blacks go through in daily life.
Poetry Prompt Podcast logo
Two poets in the DC area interview guests who make time for writing.

Spring 2018

The Divided Dream Podcast
This five-act series explores what it’s like to come of age in a working-class small town today.
Rev. Matthew Carnes, S.J.
The Society of Jesus Apologizes, 179 Years Later.
Wizard of Oz Screenshot
In this podcast, co-hosts reminisce on childhood experiences and discuss what it's like revisiting the experiences now as adults.
AIDS quilt in Washington DC
The AIDS epidemic is largely seen as a problem of the past or of other countries; however this podcast looks at how AIDS is currently affecting gay and bisexual black men in the U.S.
Raymond "Pebbles" Medley
This podcast tells the story of a forgotten Georgetown icon in relation to the slave sale of the GU272 in 1838.
Iran flag
A cover of a famous Persian anthem
Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico
Three Puerto Rican Georgetown University students talk about how it felt to be away from the island during Hurricane Maria.
Stand-up Comedy Stage
This podcast discusses the comedy industry through the perspective of its members.

Fall 2017

Skateboarder in DC
This podcast explores skateboarding and hardcore punk-rock's intertwined history in Washington, DC.
Georgetown beatboxer
This is a quick and dirty video showcasing the 13 beats in 4 counts technique that is commonly used in technical beatboxing.
Capitalisn't is a podcast about what works (and, more importantly, what DOESN'T work) in capitalism today.

Spring 2017

Georgetown University circa 1850
Georgetown students address the impact of slavery on the legacy of education inequality and college preparedness in black communities.
Old photo of Healy hall at Georgetown University
Georgetown's history with the institution of slavery is told through the lens of family members who sued for their freedom at the turn of the 19th century.
Music notation from the Odyssey
Odyssey is an original music composition show concept for indoor performing percussion groups.
More than Money Podcast
More than Money is a podcast that creates a conversation community around how to use your values to engage with work and invest your wealth.
A dog at the Humane Rescue Alliance
In January 2017, Humane Rescue Alliance accepted some of the 200 dogs from a dog meat farm in South Korea.
Union Market in Washington, DC
This is an audio story about deaf people working in the hearing world.
Undisclosed Podcast
Undisclosed is a nationally renowned criminal justice podcast.

Summer 2016

Against all odds thumbnail
Against all odds is a musical composition of African and Hip-hop sounds.

Spring 2016

Office Hours: A Podcast
Office Hours: A Podcast is a show recorded in Gelardin featuring a conversation between Professor Chatelain and a student guest.
Time to Write Cover Image
"Time to Write" is a rap song, written/recorded by Shawn Randolph aka Lil Matt and produced by Didi Burton.
Artwork for Time by Tayo & Eric Heron (ft. Christina Carte)
Music created in the Gelardin Production Studio.

Fall 2015

Podcast on Maternal Mortality in Ghana
This health promotion podcast was aimed at convincing (potentially) pregnant women in Ghana to use a skilled birth attendant while delivering their child.
Out of This World Cover Image
Music created in the Gelardin Production Studio.
A ladder
"The Ladder" is a rap song about a fallen classmate, Matthew Douglas.
Community garden
This podcast shares a new perspective on how urban gardens interact with urban communities.
Oluwafemi Adelakun Cover Image
An audio recording in the form of a hip-hop and R&B record and at the same time a sonnet with lyrics in a native African language (Hausa) and English.
Less Travelled Podcast Cover Image
Less Travelled is a storytelling project designed to educate its listeners about the field of Conflict Resolution.
Three's A Crowd Podcasters
"Three's A Crowd Sportscast" is an entertaining and innovative sports talk podcast tailored around the latest sports news.

Spring 2015

Ethan Beaman playing guitar
This song was my final individual project for my Recording Arts I class with Professor Flawn Williams.

Spring 2014

This audio project, made in GarageBand and using an Olympus LS-100 from Gelardin for interviews, centers around the idea of narrative gaps in family history.

Fall 2013

Music Composition
The purpose of this project was to explore some of the challenges and techniques associated with recording the sound of the rear-facing French horn.
Germany in the winter
A podcast (in German) where the narrator "goes" to three different cities in German-speaking countries to interview locals about their winter traditions.

Summer 2013

Last the Year EP
"Last The Year" is a self written and self recorded album that was entirely produced in Gelardin's Production Studio.

Spring 2013

The Human Microbiome
This is an audio podcast about the human microbiome.

Spring 2012

M. micronuciformis
This podcast focuses on how one bacterium, M. micronuciformis, coexists with humans while some of its closest relatives do not.

Fall 2011

People with their heads in their hands
Place is a way of understanding the world and more. Can the internet host a "place?" If so, how and why?

Spring 2011

Germ (FHG)
Dante and Loren provide lyrics to a track by French hip-hop producer Germs.