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Library Showcase a collage of student projects

Data Visualization

Spring 2021

images of front page of website "Community Control and Gentrification in NYC" including image of three young people in an urban environment
This project is a website of a digital exhibit highlighting several efforts of community control in Harlem.

Fall 2020

This story map provides an overview of community health in the Marina District of San Francisco, exploring various social determinants of health.

Fall 2019

Using Tableau, I visualized the performance of 35 anonymized masters rowing athletes on various types of workouts over the course of our 4-month winter training season in 2018-2019.

Fall 2018

Congressional Net Worth
How wealthy is Congress?
Ecology of Migration Map
This project shows the geography of migration in the early-twentieth century Eastern Mediterranean.

Spring 2018

Mapping Environmental Racism in Detroit
This project demonstrates environmental racism in Detroit.
Screenshot of Data Viz from Digital Witchcraft Webpage
Digital Witchcraft investigates the dialogue and images of witch films.

Spring 2017

Data Visualization of eonomic freedom showing a heatmap rendered in various shades of blue
Exploring the human development index (HDI) and its relationships with some policy factors that can potentially influence human development.

Spring 2016

The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
The project is a map of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers at the turn of the eighteenth century based on the textual sources of the period as well as modern hydro-climatological studies.

Fall 2015

Get to Know DC Schools
Our aim was to accurately represent the variety of identities represented within the kids of the DC Schools Project.
School governance in New Orleans 10 years post-Katrina
This project assesses the state of New Orleans schools a decade after Hurricane Katrina.

Fall 2014

I created two data visualizations: one of volunteer participation in CSJ programs by school at Georgetown and another of registration in Community-Based Learning courses by school.

Summer 2013

Portion of an infographic
Educational statistics from the United States and other countries are shown through informative and aesthetic graphics.