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Library Showcase a collage of student projects

Design and Visualization

Spring 2019

Our Feminist Utopia design
This is what our feminist utopia looks like.
Fear and Love design
These designs express feelings of fear, love, and the need for balance.
A paper-cut design
These projects created using many artistic mediums supported in the Maker Hub.
Remember Me
This stop motion animation is dedicated to one student's parents waiting for their only child to return home to South Korea.
A trippy animated music video created for the Intro to Animation class.
Grand Theft Photo
A recreated image similar to those found on the video game GTA V's loading screens.

Fall 2018

Congressional Net Worth
How wealthy is Congress?
Ecology of Migration Map
This project shows the geography of migration in the early-twentieth century Eastern Mediterranean.

Spring 2018

Annotated Darkroom: Where is Alice?
How did we get to our current moment of "post-truth" in media and photography?
Mapping Environmental Racism in Detroit
This project demonstrates environmental racism in Detroit.
Embroidered alphabet
An in-depth study of the Helvetica typeface using different embroidery styles.
3D printed abdominal aorta
3d models of actual abdominal aortas created for an anatomy class.
Quantum Reality still image
This project finds an intersection between physics and art. The ultimate goal is to allow users to step into "quantum reality."

Fall 2017

Portrait Thumbnail
An animated portrait of a Georgetown student.
A 3D visualization of Europe.
House emitting greenhouse gases
Raising social awareness for localized sustainability issues.

Spring 2017

Data Visualization of eonomic freedom showing a heatmap rendered in various shades of blue
Exploring the human development index (HDI) and its relationships with some policy factors that can potentially influence human development.
A special photograph that was laser-cut into wood at the Maker Hub.
A special photograph that was laser-cut into wood at the Maker Hub.
Multicolored portrait created with a 3D printer pen.
Multicolored portraits of different music artists created with a 3D printer pen.
Childhood memories of fleeing the Israeli-Lebanese war.
Childhood memories of fleeing the Israeli-Lebanese war.
How to Be Brown in Donald Trump's America
"A quick and handy guide" for dealing with racism.
Scope is a creative journal that encourages and showcases thoughtful reflections from medical students.
Scope is a creative journal that encourages and showcases thoughtful reflections from medical students.
Georgetown University Film Festival Brochure
Festival brochure design for the 3rd annual Georgetown University Film Festival.

Spring 2016

3D printed Aztec architecture
A brief study of Native Mesoamerican architecture based on existing archeological data and historical documents.
3D printed steno machine
With the help of open source software and Gelardin's Maker Space, Max Kim designed and prototyped a steno machine.
The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
The project is a map of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers at the turn of the eighteenth century based on the textual sources of the period as well as modern hydro-climatological studies.

Fall 2015

A poster designed to educate and encourage caretakers in Ghana to take their children for vision screening
The poster is designed to educate and encourage caretakers in Ghana to take their children for vision screening.
Get to Know DC Schools
Our aim was to accurately represent the variety of identities represented within the kids of the DC Schools Project.
Illiteracy as Disempowerment poster
The purpose of this educational infographic is to build awareness about the pressing issue of illiteracy and how it connects to other larger social justice issues.
Hypothermia Outreach poster
The map was distributed to GMC's patrons for use last hypothermia season to help locate shelters in extreme weather.
School governance in New Orleans 10 years post-Katrina
This project assesses the state of New Orleans schools a decade after Hurricane Katrina.
Georgetown cross country team
The image shown in this poster is of the Georgetown cross country team on the start line of the 2015 NCAA middle atlantic championship.

Spring 2015

Digital artwork preview
This piece was inspired by the biblical tale of Salome, the dancer who, on the orders of her mother Herodias, danced before King Herod and so entranced the king that he offered her whatever she desired.

Fall 2014

I created two data visualizations: one of volunteer participation in CSJ programs by school at Georgetown and another of registration in Community-Based Learning courses by school.

Fall 2013

art pop thumbnail image
The ARTPOP ARTPROJECT was a 4 month long opportunity I seized to celebrate my artistic passions that I often have to ignore due to the demanding workload of being a Georgetown University student.
Vegetable/Fruit Designs
A cookbook created using illustrator for Georgetown's Introduction to Graphic Design course.

Summer 2013

Portion of an infographic
Educational statistics from the United States and other countries are shown through informative and aesthetic graphics.