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Selections from the Collection

Max Weyl
View of Georgetown from the
Virginia Side of the Potomac


This page has links to images and descriptions of many works in the Georgetown University Art Collection, as well as their locations on campus; see the alphabetical listing in the section below. (Consult the Campus Map link to locate exhibit sites throughout the University.) Additional works will be added continually.

Several of the works are on public view, in Carroll Parlor or in other buildings throughout campus. A number of pieces are displayed in private offices and private campus residences. Also, as with most art collections, a majority of pieces - especially fragile works on paper - are in storage. Requests to see work not on public view are evaluated on a case basis. Please direct your inquiries to: Ms. LuLen Walker, Art Collection Coordinator, Special Collections, Lauinger Library, Georgetown University, 3700 O Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20057; (202) 687-1469 (telephone); (202) 687-7501 (facsimile);

Additionally, the Georgetown University Art Collection and Special Collections present special exhibitions each semester; Art Collection exhibits are in the Fairchild Gallery.

Works are listed alphabetically by artist. Click the links for reproductions and a description of each work. The image will appear in a new window; close the window to return to this page. (Consult the Campus Map link to locate exhibit sites throughout the University. Please note that not all work from the collection is on public view.)


Fra Angelico, Follower (attributed); The Annunication, ca. 1800

Bacigalupo, Rosa; French Horn Player, 1815
Barzolli, Biagio; Saint Peter's and the Vatican, ca. 1880
Bitti, Bernardo (attributed); Madonna Enthroned with the Christ Child, ca. 1650
Boltraffio (attributed); Madonna and Child with the Infant Saint John, ca.1500
Bouche, Louis-Alexandre; Sur La Marne, 1889
Bourdon, Sebastien (attributed); A Lady, ca. 1655

Castellini, Dario; Christopher Columbus, ca. 1875
Chieffo, Clifford; Cardinals, 1965
Cleve, Marten; Rustic Scene, 1575
Connor, Jerome; Archbishop John Carroll, 1912 (bronze suclpture)
Cropsey, Jasper Francis; Sunset Over The Hudson, 1873

De Pauw, Victor; Rhinoceros, 1968
Dupont, Aime; Nina Mackall, 1912

Farasyn; Descent from the Cross (copy after Rubens), 1867
Fiasella, Domenico (attributed); Martyrdom of Saint Andrew, ca.1653
Fleischman, C. W.; Georgetown Viewed from Roslin (sic), 1883
Forain, Jean-Louis; Les Coulisses de l'Opéra pendant la représentation d'Aida (Backstage at the Opera), 1898
Francia, Giacomo and Giulio; Christ Bearing the Cross,
Fransioli, Thomas; Georgetown from the Virginia Shore, 1954

Gherardini, Alessandro (attributed); Prophet Wearing a Turban, ca.1710
Gifford, Sanford Robinson; Mountain Landscape with Tunnel, 1864
Sam Gilliam, Untitled, 1986
Luca Giordano, The Calling of Saint Matthew, ca.1700
Greuze, Jean-Baptiste (after); The Escaped Bird, ca.1810
Guardi, Francesco (after); San Giorgio Maggiore, ca.1780
Guercino (attributed); The Death of Jacob,
Guercino (attributed); The Lord Banishing Cain,
Il Guercino; Saint Jerome, ca.1640

Helmick, Howard; The Cleric's Interruption, 1881
Master of Hoogstraeten (Dirk van Hoogstraeten), Madonna and Child with Saints, ca.1525

Johnson, Eastman; Hannah Amidst the Vines, 1858

Kempton, Greta; Native American Male, 1964

Leisser, Martin; Zachary Taylor Miller, ca. 1915
Lely, Sir Peter (attributed); A Lady, ca. 1660
Leslie, Alfred; The Reverend Timothy S. Healy, 1990
Leutze, Emanuel; Self-Portrait, 1843
Love, J.; Sculling on the Potomac Below Georgetown University, 1888

Maes, Nicholas; Family Group, 1667
Metsu, Gabriel (copy after); The Letter Reader, ca.1880
Mosler, Henry; Victory of the Bonhomme Richard, 1911
Mosler, Henry; Washington Crossing the Delaware, 1911
Mosler, Henry; The Birth of the Flag, 1912
Muller-Ury, Adolf-Felix; Elizabeth Dahlgren, 1894

Neagle, John; Robert Walsh, 1822
Nieman, LeRoy; Elephant Family, 1983
van Noort, Adam; Holy Family, ca. 1590
Norfeldt, B. J. O.; Still Life with Jar,
Novgorod (school of); Icon of the Crucifixion, ca.1650
Nye, Edgard Hewitt; Georgetown University from the Virginia Shore, 1931

O'Connor, James A. (school of); Watermill, Ireland

Perugino; Christ with Four Apostles,
Powell, Lucien; Sea Coast off Georgia, 1915
Powell, Lucien; Canyon Scene, 1902
Powell, Lucien; Mountainscape, ca. 1900
Powell, Lucien; View of Venice, 1903

Quest, Charles; Fete Champetre, 1927

Reinhart, Emilio; Classical Landscape, ca.1850
Rosa, Salvatore; Battle Scene,
Rubens, Peter Paul (after); Saint Mark the Evangelist, 1604
Rubens, Peter Paul (after); The Last Supper, 1610
Rubens, Peter Paul (after); The Baptism of Christ, 1604
Rubens, Peter Paul (after); Four Philosophers, 1604

da Santa Croce il Giovane, Francesco; The Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence, ca.1580
Sanzi, Raphael; (copy after), Madonna of the Chair (della sedia), ca.1880
Sexton, Cindy Lewis; William Jefferson Clinton, 1993
Seymour, W.; John Carroll's Birthplace, ca. 1850
Sillen, Herman Gustav; Fishing Vessels by a Pier, 1899
Simpson, James A.; Georgetown College Library Door, Old North, 1831
Simpson, James A.; Stephen Decatur, 1850
Simpson, James A.; Georgetown College (from Medical Center Hill), 1834
Simpson, James A.; Georgetown College, 1831
Simpson, James A.; Georgetown College, 1830
Simpson, James A.; South East end view of the Georgetown College, 1831
Simpson, James A.; Georgetown College, 1833
Simpson, James A. (attributed or after); George Washington, ca.1850
Smith, Gladys Nelson; Stoop Sitting, Old Georgetown, 1925
Smithmeyer-Pelz and Co.; View of Georgetown College, 1875
Solimena, Francesco (or after); The Departure of Rebecca, ca. 1710
Spano, Raffaello; Madonna and Child in a Classical Landscape, ca.1850
Stark, James; At Thorpe, Norwich,
Stuart, Gilbert; Archibishop John Carroll, 1804
Sword, James B.; Hunting Dog (Irish Setter) in the Field

Teniers the Younger, David; Saints Anthony and Paul in a Cave, ca.1635
Tintoretto, Domenico (attributed); Portrait of Girolamo Corner,
Topniai, H. T.; The Rabbi, 1950

Unidentified (France); Saint Anne and the Virgin (wood sculpture), thirteenth century (also known as The Education of the Virgin)
Unidentified (Vatican School?) (Italy); Birds and Flowers (micromosaic), ca. 1890s
Unidentified (Italy); Saint Peter's Square (micromosaic), ca. 1880
Unidentified (Netherlands?); Farmyard Scene, 1800
Unidentified (South America); Our Lady of Montserrat, eighteenth century

Valerio, Pietro; The Reverend Coleman Nevils, 1932
Sir Anthony Van Dyck, Jean-Baptiste Janssens van Bisthoven, ca. 1630
Rembrandt Van Rijn (attributed), A Gentleman, 1640
Velasquez, Diego (copy after); Queen Mariana of Austria, 1652
Vickers; Landscape, ca. 1830
Vievians, Van Nieulan; Bacchanal, 1632
Viola, Franco; Gaeta Antica, 1992

Weyl, Max; View of Georgetown from the Virginia Shore, 1902
Weyl, Max; View of Georgetown from the Virginia Side of the Potomac, 1880
Williams, Robert Bruce; Robert J.Henle, 1976
Wollaston, John; Eleanor Darnall Carroll, ca. 1750
Wollaston, John; Mrs.William Brent, ca.1750
Wollaston, John; William Brent, ca.1750
Wouwerman, Philips; The Horse Fair

de Zerega, Andrea Pietro; 1945