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Librarians by Subject

To contact the School of Continuing Studies librarians, email

Subject Specialist Subject Phone Emailsort descending
Jennifer C. Boettcher Industries 202-687-7495
Jennifer C. Boettcher Finance and Investment 202-687-7495
Jennifer C. Boettcher Entrepreneurship 202-687-7495
Jennifer C. Boettcher Companies 202-687-7495
Jennifer C. Boettcher Accounting 202-687-7495
Jennifer C. Boettcher Tax & Public Finance 202-687-7495
Jennifer C. Boettcher Operations and Information Management 202-687-7495
Jennifer C. Boettcher Nonprofit Organizations 202-687-7495
Jennifer C. Boettcher Marketing 202-687-7495
Jennifer C. Boettcher Management 202-687-7495
Jennifer C. Boettcher International Business 202-687-7495
Lynn Conway University History 202-687-7631
Ding Ye Linguistics 202-687-7609
Ding Ye Korean 202-687-7609
Ding Ye Japanese 202-687-7609
Ding Ye Chinese 202-687-7609
Ding Ye Australia/New Zealand Studies 202-687-7609
Ding Ye Asian History 202-687-7609
Ding Ye Population Studies 202-687-7609
Ethan Henderson Rare Books 202-687-2687
Ethan Henderson Music Manuscripts 202-687-2687
Jill Hollingsworth Physics 202-687-2573
Jill Hollingsworth Mathematics & Statistics 202-687-2573
Jill Hollingsworth History and Philosophy of Science 202-687-2573
Jill Hollingsworth General Science 202-687-2573
Jill Hollingsworth Computer Science 202-687-2573
Jill Hollingsworth Chemistry 202-687-2573
Jill Hollingsworth Biology 202-687-2573
Jill Hollingsworth Biochemistry 202-687-2573
Sandra Hussey Theater 202-687-8689
Sandra Hussey Russian and East European Studies 202-687-8689
Sandra Hussey Museum Studies 202-687-8689
Sandra Hussey Justice & Peace Studies 202-687-8689
Sandra Hussey German 202-687-8689
Sandra Hussey Dance 202-687-8689
Sandra Hussey Criminal Justice 202-687-8689
Sandra Hussey Art and Art History 202-687-8689
Jieun Kang Russian and East European History 202-687-3764
Jieun Kang Jewish Studies 202-687-3764
Jieun Kang European History 202-687-3764
Jieun Kang Classics 202-687-3764
Jieun Kang American Studies 202-687-3764
Jieun Kang American History 202-687-3764
Jieun Kang African-American Studies 202-687-3764
J. Leon Hooper, S.J. Catholic Studies 202-687-4250
J. Leon Hooper, S.J. Biblical/Scriptural Studies 202-687-4250
J. Leon Hooper, S.J. Religions/Theology 202-687-4250
Jade Madrid Portuguese Literature 202-687-2878
Jade Madrid Portuguese 202-687-2878
Jade Madrid LGBT Studies 202-687-2878
Jade Madrid Latin American Studies 202-687-2878
Jade Madrid Latin American History 202-687-2878
Jade Madrid Italian 202-687-2878
Jade Madrid Women’s and Gender Studies 202-687-2878
Jade Madrid Spanish Literature 202-687-2878
Jade Madrid Spanish 202-687-2878
Jess O'Toole Government Documents 202-687-2541
Jess O'Toole Education 202-687-2541
Jess O'Toole Communications 202-687-2541
Jess O'Toole Sociology 202-687-2541
Jess O'Toole Psychology 202-687-2541
Keith Gorman Manuscript Collections 202-687-7475
Megan Hunt Public Policy 202-687-2822
Megan Hunt French 202-687-2822
Megan Hunt Environmental Science 202-687-2822
Megan Hunt Environmental Policy 202-687-2822
Megan Hunt Economics 202-687-2822
LuLen Walker University Art Collections 202-687-1469
Patricia Martin Bioethics 202-687-5249
Mary Beth Corrigan Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation 202-687-7614
Melissa (Van Vuuren) Jones Medieval Studies 202-687-7595
Melissa (Van Vuuren) Jones Film Studies 202-687-7595
Melissa (Van Vuuren) Jones English 202-687-7595
Melissa (Van Vuuren) Jones Russian/Slavic Literature 202-687-7595
Melissa (Van Vuuren) Jones Philosophy 202-687-7595
Topher Lawton Music 202-687-7467
William Olsen Persian 202-687-9012
William Olsen Middle Eastern Studies 202-687-9012
William Olsen Law 202-687-9012
William Olsen Islamic Studies 202-687-9012
William Olsen International Affairs 202-687-9012
William Olsen Government and Politics 202-687-9012
William Olsen Global Development 202-687-9012
William Olsen Federal Regulation 202-687-9012
William Olsen Elections 202-687-9012
William Olsen Central Asian Studies 202-687-9012
William Olsen Arabic 202-687-9012
William Olsen Arab Studies 202-687-9012
William Olsen Anthropology 202-687-9012
William Olsen African Studies (Sub-Saharan) 202-687-9012
William Olsen West European Studies 202-687-9012
William Olsen African History 202-687-9012
William Olsen Turkish 202-687-9012
William Olsen Security Studies 202-687-9012