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Woodstock Library Rare Book Collection

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Search The Collected Works of John Courtney Murray, S.J.

John Courtney Murray

John Courtney Murray scholars rejoice! This past week, as part of an ongoing project to collect, digitize, and transcribe The Collected Works of John Courtney Murray, the Woodstock Theological Library has added the ability to keyword search the Murray corpus. 

With the aid of a search toolbar at the top of the page, researchers can now search throughout Murray's works so as to better understand how his thought developed over time, compare different arguments, and track down quotations. Murray's Collected Works are continually being added to by Murray scholars, and there are future plans to offer digital copies of the original works alongside the transcribed copies.

In addition to digitizing Murray's published and unpublished work, Woodstock also holds his papers, which can be searched with a digital finding aid, and requested on site. Combined, these efforts are a part of Woodstock's commitment to aiding Murray scholars with new tools to help them in their research. 

Special thanks to Web Services Coordinator, Stephen Fernie, who helped develop this exciting new tool.