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Items from the Woodstock Library Rare Book Collection

Blog Posts from the Woodstock Theological Library

Fr. Chiesa

Poems by “Father Sechia”

This weeks post features a rare manuscript from a Jesuit poetry prankster. 

Library Tour

Student Tours

The Woodstock Theological Library will be offering tours for students on Sept. 10th, 12th, and 14th, at 1 PM.

Fr. Tylenda

Remembering Fr. Tylenda, S.J.

We received sad news this last week of the passing of Fr. Joseph Tylenda, S.J., our former director. Fr. Tylenda served as the head of the Woodstock Library on two separate occasions, from 1965-1970, and from 1994 to 2003, when he retired.

John Brosnan

A Jesuit and a Kodak

The sixth treasure in the Woodstock Theological Library is actually a collection of items, or rather photos by John Brosnan, S.J.

Francis Barnum Pt. 2

Sojourns of a Jesuit Traveler

This week’s post, the sixth in our series Treasures from Woodstock Theological Library is a revisiting of the fourth blog post

Carey Bible

A Catholic and American Treasure

For our fifth week in our Treasures from the Woodstock Theological Library series, we highlight the first Catholic Bible published in the United States.

19th Century Torah Scroll

An Enormous Gift

In this fourth post on our treasures, we highlight a gift given to us in 1871

The Book of Mormon

A Rare First Edition

Marking the third post in our series, Treasures From Woodstock Theological Library, this week we’re highlighting our copy of the first edition of The Book of Mormon.

John Donne

John Donne and "Pseudo Martyrs"

Continuing our series, Treasures from Woodstock Theological Library, librarian Amy Phillips highlights our copy of the famed poet John Donne's, Pseudo-Martyr.

Antwerp Polyglot Bible

The Great Polyglot Bibles

As the center for Jesuit scholarship in the 19th and much of the 20th century, the Woodstock Theological Library has come to count a number of literary treasures amongst its holdings.

Logo for Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal

Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal

Woodstock Theological Library’s Rare Book Cataloger, Amy Phillips is the resource editor for Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal (JHE), the most recent issue of which has just been released.

Miniature Book

A Light Read

Woodstock Theological Library’s rare book collection is not all large tomes of Ignatius and Augustine, but read about the small number of miniature books that can also be found amongst our collection.