Case 3: The Bohemia Manor Academy

11. [Plat of Bohemia Manor] [1700?]

Mr. Wayt's Account - Note the details

12. [Ledger and day-book, Bohemia Manor] 1735-1761

The Jesuits established their second Maryland school at Bohemia Manor on the Eastern Shore at the head of the Chesapeake Bay. John Carroll entered in 1745 to prepare for the Jesuit College at St. Omer in Flanders. The opening displayed shows the account of Mr. Wayt, the schoolmaster. Wayt was a layman and a convert; he may have been put in charge of the school to help circumvent the legal prohibitions against Roman Catholic education.

13. Harry Connolly. St. Francis Xavier Church, Bohemia Manor, from Priest's Landing.
Silver gelatin print, 1989

14. Charles Carroll. A list of papers sent to England in defense of the Roman Catholics
of Maryland [1756]

The lower house of the Maryland assembly increased its attacks on Catholics after 1750. Charles Carroll, the father of the Signer, led the Catholic effort to block discriminatory legislation in the 1750's. We find Carroll's comments in this list: "Oh, the sagacious, merry and witty Govr! who ordered his clerk to write to oppose a law which passed the House the day (he) wrote his letter."

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