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Upcoming Exhibitions

Fairchild Gallery

Navigating the War: A Centenary Exhibition of the Richey Archives

Michael Richey Christmas Card detail


Exhibition curated by Kai Easton, Senior Lecturer in English at SOAS, University of London

This centenary exhibition celebrates one of the most distinguished British navigators of the 20th century, Michael Richey (1917-2009), the first director of the Royal Institute of Navigation in 1947 and founding editor of its prestigious Journal of Navigation in 1948. The exhibition will showcase his war correspondence, and much other material from his post-war career, from manuscript collections at the Georgetown University Library: Michael Richey Papers Part 1 and Michael Richey Papers Part 2.


Special Collections Gallery

Sacred Arts of Orisha Traditions

Oche Chango ceremonial axeJune-September
Exhibition curated by Joseph M. Murphy, Paul and Chandler Tagliabue Distinguished Professor of Interfaith Studies and Dialogue

Orisha religions are a world-wide network of spiritual traditions originating among the Yoruba people of Nigeria and spread across the Americas by enslaved Yoruba men and women in the nineteenth century. Orishas themselves are spiritual powers associated with royal lineages, forces of nature, and, often, the saints of popular Catholicism. 

Sacred Arts of Orisha Traditions features objects collected over nearly forty years by Prof. Joseph M. Murphy. For devotees of Orisha religions, these items represent and invoke sacred powers as emblems of particular Orishas. They illustrate the religious pluralism which is a distinctive and creative feature of many Orisha religions. 

The creativity revealed by these objects reflects the diversity of the Catholic experience and its embrace of dialogue among religious traditions.