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Audio, Video, & Production Services

The Gelardin New Media Center provides fee-based services in designing and preparing photographic and graphic media for instructional needs and research projects. Turnaround time for completing a project depends on its size, complexity, and the volume of other requests. Payment can be made by interdepartmental work tag number, cash, check, or credit card. Advance notice and direct contact with the Production Services Supervisor, David Hagen, 202.687.7530 is required. If the project is requested on a rush basis, the cost is computed at 1.5 times the total cost.

Please note that Gelardin no longer videotapes campus events.

3d Printing

3d Printing and Scanning at Georgetown

Cost: $5 set-up fee + .10/gram

Other service providers:

Poster Printing

  • 24”x 36” poster = $20
  • 18”x 24” poster = $10
  • Custom = $5/square foot

Other service providers:

Photo Printing

  • 4x5 print  =  $2
  • 5x7 print  =  $4
  • 8x10 print = $8
  • 11x14 print = $10


  • CD to CD-R = $5
  • DVD to DVD-R = $5
  • VHS to DVD-R = $20
  • Mini-DV to DVD-R = $20

Other service providers:


Analog (cassette, LP, Reel-to-Reel) to Digital (CD) Consultation and $50/hour

Other service providers:


Older audio-visual equipment, like VCRs, umatic players, audio cassette players, and LP turntables are available in the Gelardin New Media Center.


  • Quick scan (72dpi) $3/image
  • High res scan  $7/image
  • Slide scan to digital file $3/ea.


  • 1.5 mil thick, double-sided = $4/ft.

Location Photography

  • $80/hour

Video Production

  • $80/hour (Library events only)

Other service providers:


  • Blank CD = $1
  • Blank DVD = $1