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For whom is McDonough Gym named?

McDonough Memorial Gym, dedicated in 1951, is named for Vincent S. McDonough, S.J. (1870-1939), who served as Director of Athletics from 1916 to 1928. Father "Mac" was both revered and feared by students. In addition to serving as Director of Athletics, he was also Prefect of Discipline and Student Counselor. When asked what he would most like to honor his 25th anniversary as a priest, he replied, "You give the boys a new gym and I'll be happy." A few days later, on September 3, 1939, he was found dead in his room, beside a radio broadcasting news of the declarations of war by Britain and France. Coaching legend Lou Little, who worked under Father "Mac," said of him, "I never knew a man with so broad a vision. I never knew one who understood boys as he understood them. I never saw him confronted with a decision and fail to give a fair and sympathetic answer-one that satisfied all hands and endeared him to all."