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The National Gallery of Art in the 21st Century

Monday, May 15, 1995

Earl A. Powell, III, director of the National Gallery of Art

Deeply Superficial

Thursday, May 11, 1995

Robert Colacello, former editor of Andy Warhol's Interview magazine and special correspondent for Vanity Fair

In Search of Graham Greene

Thursday, March 2, 1995

Norman Sherry, Distinguished Professor of Literature, Trinity University

Labyrinth: Medieval Studies and Humanities in the 21st Century

Wednesday, February 15, 1995

Dr. Martin J. Irvine, Associate Professor of English, Georgetown University, and Dr. Deborah Everhart, Humanities Computing Specialist at the Academic Computer Center, Georgetown University

Kim Philby: An Inquiry into the Spy Case of the Century

Thursday, November 17, 1994

Panel discussion

Wines of the (NY) Times: Backstage with Frank Prial

Monday, November 7, 1994

Frank Prial, columnist and wine critic for the New York Times

Shakespeare: Script and Performance

Monday, October 3, 1994

Michael Collins, Dean of the School for Summer and Continuing Education, Georgetown University

Communication: A Key to Georgetown's Future

Saturday, October 1, 1994

Monsignor Andrew Joseph McGowan

Magical Undersea World

Thursday, April 7, 1994

Ruth Petzold

Napoleon on St. Helena: Exile and Death--Or Was It Murder?

Tuesday, March 1, 1994

Honorable Andrew H. Steigman, Assistant Dean and Deputy Director, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University

The Art and Politics of Cartooning

Thursday, October 28, 1993

Eric McAllister Smith, editorial cartoonist and columnist

Medical Concepts and Controversies That Affect Your Health

Thursday, June 3, 1993

Jerry M. Earll, M.D., Professor, Division of Internal Medicine, Georgetown University

Russia During and After the Coup

Thursday, February 25, 1993

Paul Quinn-Judge, Washington and formerly Moscow correspondent for the Boston Globe

It's Tough to Be First: John Gilmary Shea and the Writing of American Catholic History

Friday, October 16, 1992

Reverend Gerald A. Fogarty, S.J., University of Virginia

Biography and Its Problems

Tuesday, April 14, 1992

Anthony Cave Brown and Norman Sherry

Civil Service Rebuilding and Preparing for the 21st Century

Tuesday, February 18, 1992

Constance Berry Newman, Director, U.S. Office of Personnel Management