We are currently installing new doors in the stairwell in Lauinger Library. During this time, visitors will not be able to use landings that are under construction, either to enter that floor or pass through en route to another. We encourage visitors to use the elevators, although the stairwell may still be used to access floors that are not under construction. Landings under construction should only be used in the case of an emergency.

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Library Administration

General Department Contacts

Phone: 202-687-7425
Fax: 202-687-7501

List of Staff

Job Title Phone Email
Artemis Kirk University Librarian 202-687-7425 agk3@georgetown.edu
Peggy Fry Deputy University Librarian 202-687-5160 fry@georgetown.edu
Phyllis Barrow Director, Finance and Operations 202-687-7454 barrowp@georgetown.edu
Deborah Cook Associate University Librarian for User Services & Engagement 202-687-7461 dac42@georgetown.edu
Shu-Chen Tsung Associate University Librarian for Digital Services & Technology Planning 202-687-7429 tsungs@georgetown.edu
Miriam Nickerson Library Director of Development, Office of Advancement 202-687-2850 mn355@georgetown.edu
Dana Bailey Business Manager 202-687-7619 db1159@georgetown.edu
Derek Slater Facilities Coordinator 202-687-9129 dbs33@georgetown.edu
Jennifer Smith Coordinator of Communications, Outreach, and Programming 202-687-6851 jas298@georgetown.edu
Sean Holmes Business Assistant 202-687-7448 srh52@georgetown.edu
Grace McKinney Program & Events Coordinator 202-687-7446 gsm37@georgetown.edu
Demetra Rhone Budget Analyst 202-687-7619 ddb6@georgetown.edu
Talor Struckmann Personnel Coordinator 202-687-7689 tds46@georgetown.edu
Ricci Tan Financial Analyst 202-687-5386 rt626@georgetown.edu
Katherine Thomas Executive Assistant to the University Librarian 202-687-3980 kt529@georgetown.edu
Teressa Trotta Personnel Coordinator 202-687-7572 tt585@georgetown.edu
George Zamora Business Operations Specialist 202-687-7183 gz84@georgetown.edu