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Booth Family Center for Special Collections

General Department Contacts

Phone: 202-687-7444
Fax: 202-687-7501
Email: speccoll@georgetown.edu

List of Staff

Job Title Phone Email
John Buchtel Department Head 202-687-7475 jb593@georgetown.edu
Lynn Conway University Archivist 202-687-7631 conwayl@georgetown.edu
Ethan Henderson Rare Books Curator 202-687-2687 eh695@georgetown.edu
LuLen Walker Art Collection Curator 202-687-1469 llw@georgetown.edu
Elizabeth Wilkinson Curator of Manuscripts 202-687-7614 ew543@georgetown.edu
Ann Galloway Assistant Archivist 202-687-1863 amg76@georgetown.edu
Stephanie Hughes Communications & Projects Coordinator, Special Collections 202-687-7833 ssh@georgetown.edu
Ted Jackson Manuscripts Archivist 202-687-7423 tlj25@georgetown.edu
Katharine Malcolm Project Coordinator 202-687-7444 km1124@georgetown.edu
Lisette Matano Manuscripts Archivist 202-687-2814 matanol@georgetown.edu
Christen Runge Assistant Art Curator 202-687-4484 cer43@georgetown.edu
Scott Taylor Manuscripts Archivist 202-687-4986 taylors@georgetown.edu