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Graduate Carrels

Carrels are designed to facilitate research and provide a quiet atmosphere for study. Due to the limited number of carrels available, graduate carrels are only available to Main Campus doctoral students who have completed all coursework, passed all comprehensive exams and are registered for thesis research. A refundable $40.00 key deposit is also required.

Please submit a completed Graduate Carrel Application Form. Graduate students who qualify will be assigned a carrel when space is available. A $40 key deposit is required to cover the possible loss of a carrel key. In the event that your key is lost, the lock on the door will be changed and you will be required to make another deposit. Deposits are refunded when you turn in your carrel key. Carrels are renewed at the end of each Fall and Spring semester. A Carrel Renewal Form, with the renewal deadline date, will be placed in the carrels before the end of the semester. If a carrel is not renewed by the due date and the key is not returned the key deposit will be forfeited and all personal items will be sent to the Lost & Found.

Two graduate students are assigned to each carrel. Each graduate student may use half of the bookshelf and half of the bulletin board space. Items should not be stored on or below the desk. Only one person is allowed in the carrel at a time. It is the responsibility of carrel partners to determine the use of assigned time slots.

Library carrels are not soundproof. Any conversation in your carrel can be heard in surrounding carrels. Please do not use your carrel as an office.

Coffee pots, hot plates, electric heaters and other similar equipment are prohibited.

You may keep library materials in your carrel if they are properly checked out. Any non-circulating library materials (periodicals, reference materials, newspapers, etc.) or library materials that have not been checked out will be removed. The Library is not responsible for the loss of personal materials or library materials charged out to you. For the safety of your materials and personal possessions, the carrel door should be locked at all times.