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Digital Project Proposal

The Library welcomes your proposals for the digitization of collections, in particular materials from the Booth Family Center for Special Collections, Woodstock Theological Library, and our general collections. 

Digitizing collections represents a significant investment in terms of both staff and financial resources, and not all worthy collections can be digitized. To choose among proposed projects, the Library has established a policy for evaluating and prioritizing proposals for digitization projects. Note that digitization is a complex process and may take several months or longer to complete, depending on the size, condition, and copyright status of the collection.

Complete the form below to submit your proposal - fields marked with a * are required.

Email digitalscholarship@georgetown.edu if you have questions about our digital collections.

Your Information
If your affiliation is not listed above, enter your position, department, and organization.
Collection Information
If the location of the collection is not listed above, enter it here.
Provide a brief description of the physical collection, including the approximate number of items, type(s) and format(s) of materials, dates, etc.
Use of the Digitized Collection
Additional Information about the Collection
Provide additional information about the collection and its potential use
If timeliness is a factor, provide the relevant dates (e.g., an upcoming class or anniversary celebration).
Provide information about related collections, physical or digital, either at Georgetown or elsewhere
Let us know about any potential sources of funding for the project (e.g. grants or donors)