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A War to End All Wars, 100 Years Since WW1

Sheet Music for the song "Over There"

Join the Library Associates and the Booth Family Center for Special Collections for a gallery talk detailing the exhibition, A War to End All Wars? which will run from February - May 2018 in the Fairchild Gallery, Special Collections Gallery, and Leon Robbin Gallery on the 5th Floor of Lauinger Library.

In collaboration with the Department of Art & Art History, the event will feature a lecture from Keyser Family Professor of Art History Elizabeth Prelinger, guest curator of the exhibition.

The multifaceted exhibition will be drawn primarily from the Center’s permanent holdings with additions from Prelinger’s own collection. Organized around eight major themes, the show will explore art, culture, and history by assembling an exciting variety of objects—from posters to poetry to anti-gas eye shields. One theme examines Georgetown University’s own connections with the War, while another showcases original World War I sheet music. Thanks to Georgetown’s creative collecting over many decades, the exhibition abounds with unusual and unforgettable items that will bring alive to current viewers this catastrophic and world-changing event.

Reception to follow program.

February 22, 2018
Murray Conference Room, Georgetown University Library, 5th Floor, Georgetown University
Contact Information: 

Emily Minton, Program and Events Coordinator, 202-687-7425, em1261@georgetown.edu

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018