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Detail from a page in the Farnsworth Hours; illumination attributed to Flemish artist Willem Vrelant, ca. 1465, Booth Family Center for Special Collections

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225 Images for 225 Years of Georgetown University

Online Exhibitions
September 30, 2014
December 31, 2014



The year 2014 marks the 225th anniversary of the founding of Georgetown University. In celebration, the Georgetown University Archives presents this online exhibition featuring a sampling of images of documents, photographs, and objects relating to Georgetown's long and storied history. Many of these 225 items can viewed here online for the first time.

Fund raising letter for an Academy at George-Town, Patowmack-River, Maryland

Fund raising letter for an Academy at George-Town, Patowmack-River, Maryland, from Fr. John Carroll
March 30, 1787

Letter from Georgetown President William DuBourg, S.S., to a leather merchant
November 11, 1796

The letter reads in part "Sir, Wanting for the use of the college of  Georgetown to the administration of which I have been lately, a quantity of good soale and upper leather I am confident I cannot place our custom in better hands than yours . . . But I must observe I cannot offer ready money, and a credit of four or five months is made necessary by the circumstances of the house . . ."  (William DuBourg Papers)

Prospectus for Georgetown College [Fragments, in Spanish]

Prospectus for Georgetown College

Excerpt of a letter from Archbishop John Carroll to Georgetown President John Grassi
September 30, 1814

The letter addresses the possibility that Congress might ask to meet in Old North, the largest undamaged structure in the area, after the burning of Washington, D.C. by the British.  ". . . I cannot believe, if the Congress move at all, that it will be to George Town; since if the British get reinforced, the government will be so little more safe there, than at Washington, that they will seek some safer refuge . . ."  (Archives of the Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus)

Prospectus for Georgetown College

Program from Georgetown College's first commencement showing the names of graduates Charles and George Dinnies of New York

Program from Georgetown College commencement
July 21, 1821

Excerpt from student rule book

"18.  It is rigorously prohibited to any student to have money in his possession - but whatever may be given him by his parents for his privat expenses must be deposited in the hands of the Superior from whom he may receive from time to time whatever is necessary for any reasonable expenses."

Philodemic Society medal
ca. 1831

Georgetown College campus with the South Building to the left and the North Building to the right

Card from Georgetown students announcing the end of the 1850 student rebellion
February 2, 1850

During the rebellion, sixty students decamped to a local hotel following refusal of permission for a Sunday evening Philodemic Society meeting.

Bread recipe of the College baker Brother Thomas Gavan
ca. 1855

 "Proportions.  To a barrel of flour, a gallon of yeast.  Take a bucket of potatoes, boil them skins and all . . ."

Program from Dramatic Association of Georgetown College performance of Hamlet and Robert Macaire
May 31, 1855

Proceedings of the Philodemic Society.
October 13, 1860

 " . . . The Society proceeded to debate the question Whether the Union will be dissolved in the case of the election of Lincoln as President of the U.S."

Copy of Notice of Occupation by the Sixty-Ninth New York Regiment
May 4, 1861

"The 69th Regt. N.Y. is authorized to occupy Georgetown Heights and the College, until further orders."  (Rev. John Early, S.J. Papers)

Letter to Georgetown President John Early, S.J., from the Surgeon General’s office, requisitioning campus buildings "for Hospital accommodation" (Rev. John Early, S.J. Papers)
August 31, 1862

Georgetown College expenses

Paroled prisoner pass issued at Appomattox Court House, Virginia, to Augustine W. Neale C1860
April 10, 1865

Faculty of the Georgetown Medical Department. Photograph by A. Gardner
ca. 1867

Poem by student Warren Chism complaining about the quality of campus food

With explanatory notes added by Georgetown Archivist Francis Barnum, S.J., in 1899.

Page from baseball score book for the Quickstep Base Ball Club of Georgetown College
October 26, 1869

Program from Dramatic Reading Association of Georgetown College's Evening with Favorite Authors
March 7, 1869

Program from the first Annual Commencement of the Law Department of the University of Georgetown
June 4, 1872

Program from the Fifty-Fifth Annual Commencement of Georgetown College
June 27, 1872

Founders of Georgetown College Journal: William C. Niblack, George P. Fisher, William H. Dennis, Thomas Ewing Sherman, J. Percy Keating, and John Sumner, S.J.

Georgetown College Boat Song, composed by the editor of the College Journal (John Agar?)
ca. 1876

Ticket to the first Annual Banquet of the Alumni Association of Georgetown University
January 13, 1876

Description of the selection of Blue and Gray as "appropriate colors" for the crew team
June 1876

From the Georgetown College Journal.

Building permit for Healy Hall
November 12, 1877

Architectural sketch for Healy Hall by J.L. Smithmeyer & Co
November 1877

“A Reminiscence of the War” by an “Old Student”
December 1878

From the Georgetown College Journal.  George Gibson Huntt (C1849), a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Cavalry, relates how in May 1861, while tasked with selecting camping sites around the district, he visited his alma mater in order to use the upper floors of its buildings to locate suitable sites on the Virginia side of the river.

Law School announcement for 1878-1879

Circular letter from the Society of Alumni soliciting donations to fund the completion of Gaston Hall and to pay off the building debt associated with Healy Hall
November 1881

Plat showing College property

Document recording the gift of a day's work by carpenters and laborers working on Healy Hall
December 24, 1888

Trinity Church and school

Invitation to Centennial Celebration
February 20-22, 1889

Freshman course of studies

Observatory and surroundings
ca. 1890

North end of Healy Hall and Old North

Senior Physics examination questions
December 23, 1890

Advertisements in the Georgetown College Journal
December 1891

John Vinton and Elizabeth Drexel Dahlgren
ca. 1891

Laying of the cornerstone of Dahlgren Chapel with Mulledy Hall and the South Building seen in the background
May 1892

Bridge on the College Walks

Menu from dinner held after the consecration of the Chapel of the Sacred heart (Dahlgren Memorial Chapel)
June 9, 1893

Rules for student use of Riggs Library
ca. 1893

Campus in the snow

The Quadrangle
after 1893

Solicitation letter for the Georgetown University Hospital
February 25, 1897

Georgetown Prep football team

Baseball team

Football schedule

Special and postgraduate students on the steps of Old North

Intercollegiate Regatta program

Undergraduate class schedule

Program from a benefit concert held to fund trip to the 1900 Paris Olympics by three Georgetown sprinters: Arthur Duffy/Duffey, William Holland, and Edmund Minahan
April 1900

Program from the 1900 Paris Olympics brought back by Georgetown sprinter Arthur Duffy/Duffey
July 14-15, 1900

Invitation to the Medical School commencement
May 22, 1900

Varsity boathouse and varsity crew

Pictured in the Georgetown College Journal.  The boathouse, located at the foot of 32nd Street on government property, was used between 1901 and 1904.

Junior Yard [Athletic Association] posed on the steps of Healy Hall

Application by Lillian Neale Welker to the Georgetown University Hospital Training School for Nurses
November 22, 1903

Ryan Hall and Prep athletic field with handball court in the foreground to the right
ca. 1904

Calendar for Georgetown College and Georgetown College Preparatory School
September and October 1904

Textbook List
Spring 1904

Demerit system

Songsheet from Georgetown v. Virginia football game
November 10, 1906

Baseball team

Sign protesting refusal of President David Buel, S.J. to agree to a student request that St. Patrick's Day be given as a holiday
March 17, 1908

Football team on the steps of Healy Hall

Georgetown v. Carlisle football game
March 25, 1911

Georgetown and Virginia mascots meet

Account for the John Carroll Statue
July 23, 1912

Sophomore newsletter, "The Soph. Dope"

Invitation to the dedication of the E. Francis Riggs Memorial Maternity Department of the Georgetown University Hospital
May 1, 1912

Tickets to Georgetown v. Virginia football game
November 16, 1912

Dental infirmary

Student room in Old North

Interior of Old North
ca. 1913

Tennis Association

Ticket to view Woodrow Wilson's inaugural procession
March 4, 1913

Campus as seen from Virginia

Advertisements in the Georgetown College Journal
June 1914

Class of 1914

Dance card for Freshman Dance in Ryan Gymnasium
May 6, 1914

Old North and Dahlgren Chapel

Letter from Lieutenant W. G. McNulty (A.B. 1914), Somewhere in France
October 12, 1917

Published in the Georgetown College Journal, January 1918.

Student Army Training Corps on the steps of Healy Hall

Red Cross Advertisement in the Georgetown College Journal
November 1918

Freshman rules
ca. 1919

First class in the School of Foreign Service

Edmund A. Walsh, S.J., is seen standing to the right.

Announcement for the Georgetown University Hospital Training School for Nurses
ca, 1919

The Hoya, Vol. 1, No. 1
January 14, 1920

Menu from Georgetown College New Year Welcome Banquet held in Ryan Hall
January 15, 1922

Baseball team

Endowment Association brochure

Showing an early design for Copley Hall.

Endowment Association membership certificate for Miss Janet Richards

Memorial Tribute to Ivan Jones White who was killed in the Knickerbocker Theater disaster

From Ye Domesday Booke

Program from Mask and Bauble Club production of Julius Caesar

Stubby, the Georgetown mascot

Pictured in Ye Domesday Booke.

Philippine Georgetownians

Pictured in Ye Domesday Booke.

New North under construction and Dahlgren Chapel
ca. 1925

Graduating Class of Georgetown Hospital

Junior Prom and Diplomatic Ball at the Mayflower Hotel
December 17, 1925

Pictured in Ye Domesday Booke.

Fourth Annual Banquet of the Pierce Bulter Law Club at the Carlton Hotel, Washington, D.C.
April 13, 1928

School of Foreign Service students on a visit to New York

Club Hispano Americano

Pictured in Ye Domesday Booke.

Copley Hall under construction
October 2, 1930

Copley Hall and St William Chapel under construction
October 2, 1930

The Quadrangle with Old North and an ivy-covered Dahlgren Chapel

Aerial view of campus and the surrounding area

Obituary for track star and Olympian Robert Legendre
January 28, 1931

From The Hoya.

White-Gravenor under construction
December 2, 1932

School of Foreign Service classroom in Healy Hall
after 1932

Healy Hall
ca. 1935

Architectural sketch for a new gymnasium by Emile G. Perrot

Account of Gene Krupa's performance at the Senior Ball
May 11, 1938

From The Hoya.

Georgetown cheerleaders

Pictured in Ye Domesday Booke.

Sideline pass for the Orange Bowl

Georgetown football team in Miami, Florida, for the Orange Bowl

Announcement of the appointment of Richard C. Law, S.J. as Chief Air Raid Warden for Campus
February 3, 1942

Baseball game

Carroll Quigley

Pictured in Ye Domesday Booke.

Kehoe Field
ca. 1945

Nursing students in the lab

Cartoon advertising The Hoya
March 28, 1947

Fordham mascot after its kidnapping by Georgetown students
October 10, 1947

Boxing team

Old North
ca. 1948

College Class of 1949 on the steps of Healy Hall

Football players (Bob Noppinger, Bugs, Thompson, Bill Fisher, John McGinn, Gino Pagluicia, Frank Mattingly, Bill McCarthy, Dick Losh)

Swimming team

Architectural sketch for St. Mary's Hall by Leon Chatelain, Jr.
ca. 1954

Basketball player Bill Bolger

Dahlgren Chapel, covered in ivy, as seen from Healy Hall
before 1953

Honorary degree citation for Konrad Adenauer, Chancellor of the German Federal Republic
April 7, 1953

Inaugural Ball in honor of U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower held in McDonough Gymnasium
January 20, 1953

Ticket to Inaugural Ball in honor of U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower held in McDonough Gymnasium
January 20, 1953

Mascot Hoya IV with cheerleaders

Basketball team

Faculty Christmas party with President Edward B. Bunn, S.J. (second right)

U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower unveils a bust of Edmund A. Walsh, S.J., at the dedication of the Walsh Memorial Building, while Georgetown President Edward B. Bunn, S.J., looks on
October 13, 1958

New South under construction
ca. 1958

Memo from the Vice President for Medical Center Affairs William Maloney, S.J., re permission to marry for Nursing students
December 16, 1959

Advertisement for Vaseline Hair Tonic

From The Hoya.

Diplomatic Ball
February 12, 1960

President Edward B. Bunn, S.J.

Pictured in Ye Domesday Booke.

Cover of handbook for women students, Miss G Goes to Georgetown

Campus map

From handbook for women students, Miss G Goes to Georgetown.

College of Arts and Sciences Dean Joseph A. Sellinger, S.J.

Poster for Calliope IV try-outs


Jesuit Community Cemetery and Reiss Science Building

Basketball team

Frank L. Fadner, S.J.

Junior Prom Committee

175th anniversary version of University seal

Advertisement for 1789 restaurant

Georgetown University Shop advertisement from The Hoya
February 20, 1964

Letter from President Edward B. Bunn, S.J., to members of the senior class with reference to the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy and the celebration of the University's 175th anniversary
May 15, 1964

Harbin Hall

Hoya's carry out menu from The Hoya
May 15, 1964

Tribute to U.S. President John F. Kennedy in the Caduceus (the School of Nursing yearbook)

U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson at the inauguration of Gerard J. Campbell, S.J., as University President
December 3, 1964

Program from dedication of Darnall Women's Residence Hall
March 28, 1965

Women's basketball team

Poster for Johhny Mathis concert in McDonough Gym
March 5, 1966

Football team


Georgetown University Hospital

Poster for Kick-Off Dance introducing mascot Jack II
November 3, 1967

Campus as seen from N Street

Othmar Winkler as pictured in Ye Domesday Booke

Front page of The Hoya
September 14, 1968

Georgetown University News Service release re the appointment of Rabbi Harold White as advisor to the University Chapter of Hillel and as instructor in the Theology Department
September 30, 1968

Advertisement for paper dresses in the student handbook

Field hockey team

Edward B. Bunn, S.J. (left) and Gerard J. Campbell, S.J. (right) with President Robert J. Henle, S.J., on his inauguration day
October 7, 1969

Georgetown University News Service release regarding the admission of men to the School of Nursing
January 30, 1969

Georgetown Voice, Vol. 1, No. 1
March 4, 1969

President Robert J. Henle, S.J.

Campus as seen from O Street

Poster for 1970 Prom with B. B. King
April 25, 1970

Georgetown University News Service release re the wearing of pantsuit uniforms by nurses at the Georgetown University Hospital
November 5, 1970

Poster for speech by President of the National Organization of Women Betty Friedan
November 10, 1970

Healy circle with Lauinger Library seen to the left
ca. 1970

May Day protestors at the main gates
May 3, 1971

The Hoya: "Nixon May Address G.U. Commencement; Students Cry Foul"
January 19, 1973


Black Student Alliance as pictured in Ye Domesday Booke

Advertisement for the opening of the Center Pub
February 8, 1974

Georgetown Voice front page: "Ryan Axed; Henle Silent"
April 16, 1974

Flier for Black Awareness Week
April 1975

The Hoya article: "Henle Years Spur Debate"
October 22, 1975

Poster for University Center, Healy Hall Basement

Campus in the snow

Jan Karski as pictured in Ye Domesday Book

President Timothy S. Healy, S.J.

Dalai Lama visits campus
September 2, 1979


Honorary degree ceremony for President of Egypt Anwar Sadat in Gaston Hall

Darnall Cafeteria

Honorary degree citation for Mother Teresa Bojaxhiu
May 30, 1982

Mother Teresa Bojaxhiu receives her honorary degree from President Timothy S. Healy, S.J.
May 30, 1982

First MBA graduating class

Interior of Old North

Georgetown Voice cover
April 26, 1983

Georgetown University Football 1984 media guide with drawings of Coach Edward Scott "Scotty" Glacken

Audience for football game

Students walking in front of Copley Hall

Otto Hentz, S.J., on the steps of Dahlgren Chapel

Anti-Apartheid protest at the entrance to Whte-Gravenor

Baseball field next to the Leavey Center

Poster for Halloweek presented by the Georgetown Program Board

Women's basketball team

Field hockey team

Senior Week poster
May 1996

Graduates in front of Lauinger Library

President Leo J. O'Donovan at commencement

Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Georgetown

Poster for Club Lau in Lauinger Library
September 5, 2009

Curated by Lynn Conway, University Archivist, and Ann Galloway, Assistant University Archivist