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Blue and Gray in Bronze

Stephen Richard Kerbs Exhibit Area
March 21, 2011
June 30, 2011

The Blue and Gray Colors of the Georgetown Hoyas
Painted bronze by Wayne Hyde, 2010
Gift of the Liljenquist Family, 2010


This statue, commemorating the reconciliation after the Civil War of two Georgetown students, depicts Union soldier Patrick H. Brennan on the right and Confederate soldier Thomas H. Stack on the left. The subjects were chosen after extensive research at the National Archives and the Archives of Georgetown University. Both soldiers went on to become Jesuit priests after graduating from Georgetown College. Brennan taught theology at Georgetown and endowed the Brennan Medal of Theology with his Union Army pension. Stack also taught at Georgetown as well as other Jesuit colleges, and went on to become the fifth president of Boston College. The sculpture was commissioned by the donors from the distinguished Pennsylvania sculptor Wayne Hyde. The models for the soldiers were Brandon Liljenquist, a senior at Georgetown Prep, and his brother Jason, a freshman at Stanford University. 

Thomas H. Stack, C 1866-1868

Thomas H. Stack’s service in the Civil War
As described in Blue and Gray: Georgetown University and the Civil War, Georgetown University Alumni Association, 1961.

“Boat Club.” Georgetown College Journal, June 1876

Report on the selection of Blue and Gray as Georgetown’s colors:

The Georgetown University Boat Club was formed in March 1876.  It quickly appointed a Committee on Colors as Georgetown did not have colors at this time and it was felt that they were needed to assist supporters on shore in identifying the crew team during races. This article, the only account of the Committee’s work that survived, explains how the Committee, looking for colors to express the feeling of unity that exists between the Northern and Southern boys of the College, recommended the adoption of blue and gray. 

Patrick H. Brennan, M 1867

Obituary for Patrick H. Brennan, S.J. The Hoya, October 16, 1929

Curated by Lynn Conway, University Archivist