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Detail from a page in the Farnsworth Hours; illumination attributed to Flemish artist Willem Vrelant, ca. 1465, Booth Family Center for Special Collections

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A Few Choice Letters from the Crocker-de Limur Collection

Howard W. Gunlocke Rare Book and Special Collections Room
November 30, 2001
January 15, 2002

This selection of letters comes from a recent gift of Mrs. Mary Weinmann and Mr. Charles de Limur,consisting of papers of French diplomat Andre de Limur (1890?-1971); papers of Ambassador Aime Joseph de Fleuriau, French Ambassador to Great Britain (1924-1933); French documents from the Bibliotheca Lindesiana concerning political matters in France in the 1790s; and oversized printed proclamations by the French Government during World War 1. The exhibit features diplomatic, historical, and literary letters and documents from the extensive collection.