Starting in January 2020, pick up, return, and reserve equipment from the 3rd-floor Circulation Desk. For more details, read our announcement about Media Equipment Moving from Gelardin to the Lauinger Circulation Desk.

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Suite 7

What can you do?

  • Record audio on up to 2 microphones: ideal for multi-person or studio-style audio recording.
  • Use ProTools for advanced instrumental recording.
  • Edit audio in Garageband or Soundtrack Pro.
  • Capture specialized analog video and audio formats.
  • Edit video in iMovie or Final Cut Pro.*
  • Graphic design with Adobe Photoshop.

*Suite 7 is not ideal for video editing. If you are working on a video editing project, please use one of our editing rooms.

What will you find?

  • An ultra-fast and quiet iMac computer with a large screen and comfortable keyboard.
  • Lots of editing and production Software
  • A full-sized, weighted music keyboard with sustain pedal.
  • Equipment for digitizing a wide range of video, including Laserdiscs, Umatic tape, DVD, VHS, miniDV tape and more!
  • A handy multi-format memory card reader (supports SD, miniSD, CF, and more).
  • Connections for specialized video and audio capture, including Reel to Reel, 16mm, Betamax, and more.
  • A high-quality condenser microphone on a swivel-arm.
  • Extra firewire, USB, and power plugs for all your other devices.

These rooms are only available to users
(a) who have had a consultation and have a signed use-agreement form on file at GNMC, and
(b) who have a valid Georgetown University log-in.

No exceptions.

Our editing spaces are best used for editing and exporting audio projects. If you want to do group recordings, you can ask the music department about their current reservation policies for Studio D, a recording studio in New North. To see what music courses are offered at Georgetown, check the course guides for current classes.

These rooms require training before use. A multimedia specialist may come to your class to go over these policies and have you sign the appropriate forms. Otherwise, you will need to schedule a consultation

  • Each patron is only guaranteed one 2-hour reservation per day.
  • Reservations should be made in advance in person or via telephone (Main Desk 202-687-7410).
  • Users may stay in the rooms past their 2 hour allotment, but must be prepared to surrender the space in light of other reservations.
  • Keys are no longer checked out. Instead, staff will let you into the space and keep your GoCard until you finish.