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Virtual Reality at Gelardin

Why Is VR Important?

VR has infinite uses in entertainment, education, medicine, military, and more. People can play immersive video games, practice dangerous military maneuvers, and simulate extremely complex surgeries by simply putting on a headset and entering a virtual reality. Users can go on a roller coaster, and even fly through space without leaving a room. VR provides the ability to be in places you aren't or even places that do not exist. This allows us to do research that might have been otherwise dangerous or impossible. The ability to virtually walkthrough any museum in the world or on the surface of Mars is unprecedented. Virtual Reality technology still has a ways to go, but Gelardin aims to be at its forefront.  



Step 1: Become authorized to use the VR station

To gain access to the VR stations sign up for a VR consultation at

Once you receive a VR consultation you’ll be authorized to reserve and use the VR station!

Step 2: Reserve either the HTC Vive Station OR the Oculus Rift 

  1. Go to our patron reservation portal at:

  2. Select "Click here to start reserving"
  3. In the window that says “Choose Organization”:
  • For the HTC Vive in the Idea Lab, select  Virtual Reality
  • For the Oculus Rift in Edit Room 3, select Gelardin New Media Center
  • Now go to the the top left of the screen and select the  icon to make a New Reservation.
  • Select the day and time of your desired reservation and then go down to the Browse Resources window and select Spaces. Here is where you’ll be able to select and reserve the VR Headset of your choice. NOTE: Please ensure your reservation ENDS 30 minutes before the VR Hours end and STARTS 30 minutes after they start. See hours.

  • Select the "+" next to the VR headset you want then click "Confirm" to finalize the reservation.
  • Virtual Reality Equipment

    Step 3: Using the VR Station

    1. Reserve a time to use the VR station. See above. (If possible, please reserve a time when you can utilize the VR equipment with a partner present. This will enable you or your guest to help manage the VR headset cables while the VR participant is in an immersive experience)

    2. Come to the Gelardin service desk at the time of your reservation to check in. NOTE: The authorized user must present his/her GoCard at pickup and is responsible for any damages that may occur while using the VR equipment and the space.

    3. Staff will walk you over to the Idea Lab and unlock the HTC Vive headset, or Edit Room 3 to unlock the Oculus Rift.

    4. At this point you’ll also be logged-in to the VR computer. After you’re logged-in, choose VR experiences from the folders located on the desktop.

    *If you have any technical issues while using the VR station and equipment we ask that you do not troubleshoot or attempt to reprogram any software associated with HTC Vive or Oculus equipment.

    Create Your Own VR Content!

    If you are interested in creating 360 video content and VR experiences, we have 2 Ricoh Theta Cameras available to film 360 video. You can see some of the best 360 content here! To connect with a community of immersive content creators at Georgetown, join and engage with our Facebook group.

    Use the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift

    If you have specific questions or would like assistance using our VR stations, please schedule a consultation.

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