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LinkedIn Learning Upgrading to LinkedIn Learning

For several years, Georgetown University Library has provided the Georgetown community with access to content. In 2015, LinkedIn purchased as a part of an initiative to support professionals more holistically. A new user interface, LinkedIn Learning, will seamlessly incorporate content into the LinkedIn platform.

On August 1, 2019, Georgetown University will complete the upgrade from to LinkedIn learning.

Upcoming Improvements

  • content
    • All content is being moved to the new platform
    • Users will be able to pick up in LinkedIn Learning where they left off in
  • Personalized learning experience
    • Users have the option to connect their LinkedIn account for a personalized learning experience
    • Data and insights from over 575M LinkedIn members and suggest the most relevant courses or videos based on the skills known to be important to a given job function or role
  • Social learning
    • Share growth with LinkedIn network and use social curation to see the most relevant or trending content 
    • Engage with other learners taking courses as well as the course instructors

Linking your account

After the upgrade, each user at Georgetown University will have the choice to connect their Learning Profile with their LinkedIn Member Profile.This option is not a requirement.

Additionally, every user has control over their privacy and the information they choose to share on their LinkedIn Profile.  This can be reviewed, and updated via Setting and Privacy on their LinkedIn Profile Page.