Starting in January 2020, pick up, return, and reserve equipment from the 3rd-floor Circulation Desk. For more details, read our announcement about Media Equipment Moving from Gelardin to the Lauinger Circulation Desk.

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What Floor of Lau Are You?

A nametag reads Hello There! I am a Lau 2

We have all spent more time in Lau than we can imagine, whether we are reviewing lecture notes quietly in the Pierce Reading Room or spending a little more time than we’d like to admit chatting over a Midnight Mug latte on Lau 2. No matter where you spend the majority of your time you probably have a strong affinity for the space you call your own. Now you can see which floor really exemplifies your personality with GUSA’s What Floor of Lau Are You quiz!

Once you take the quiz we want to hear from YOU about what floor of Lau you are. Through Friday, April 5, GUSA and the Library are hosting the #FloorsofLau video contest! Submit your brief video with you and your friends letting us know why your floor is the best and what it means to you to identify with your floor for a chance to win some #FloorsofLau swag!

Get inspired by your fellow Hoyas who have already shouted out their favorite floor below and then submit your video!

Submitting is easy! Simply:

GUSA and the Library will compile all of your videos and winners will get a direct message letting them know they won #FloorsofLau swag to pick up during study days!