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Andria Wisler

“I could not have this assignment or this important part of research methods (data visualization) without [Gelardin staff] and [their] technical and pedagogical skillset. Not only do [Gelardin staff] know the software and techniques, [they] know how to teach them to undergraduates.”

Dr. Andria Wisler serves as Executive Director of the Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching & Service at Georgetown University. She teaches a Social Justice Research Methods course for the Program on Justice and Peace. 

For Research Methods for Justice and Peace (JUPS299), students create an infographic for one or more of the programs at the Center for Social Justice.


I created two data visualizations: one of volunteer participation in CSJ programs by school at Georgetown and another of registration in Community-Based Learning courses by school.
Hypothermia Outreach poster
The map was distributed to GMC's patrons for use last hypothermia season to help locate shelters in extreme weather.
Illiteracy as Disempowerment poster
The purpose of this educational infographic is to build awareness about the pressing issue of illiteracy and how it connects to other larger social justice issues.
Get to Know DC Schools
Our aim was to accurately represent the variety of identities represented within the kids of the DC Schools Project.