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Gretchen Henderson

Gretchen Henderson profile picture
"I was extremely pleased with the project and collaborating [with] the GNMC. What an amazing team and campus resource! For many students, it was their first time to use the GNMC, and they were excited to gain hands-on learning and to know that this is a resource available to them throughout their years at Georgetown."

A native of San Francisco, Gretchen E. Henderson writes across genres and the arts to invigorate her critical and creative practices. Her newest book is Ugliness: A Cultural History (just out from Reaktion Books of London/University of Chicago Press). Her other books include two novels, The House Enters the Street (Starcherone Books, 2012, finalist for the AWP Award Series in the Novel and the Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award) and Galerie de Difformité (&NOW Books, winner of the Madeleine P. Plonsker Emerging Writer’s Prize, also a Nobbie Best Book of 2011), as well as a critical volume about literary appropriations of music and silence, On Marvellous Things Heard (Green Lantern Press, 2011), and a poetry chapbook engaging cartographic history, Wreckage: By Land & By Sea (Dancing Girl Press, 2011).

For Writing and the Museum (ENGL-290), students developed an "imaginary exhibition" that was supplemented by a three-minute video that captured their theme through a shortened presentation of their curator’s statement.

For Intro to Creative Writing (ENG-280), students wrote, designed, and printed chapbooks.


A clock fading into the natural landscape
What kind of containers are imposed on our lives?
Glass artwork
I chose to create an exhibition highlighting the aesthetic, yet functional features of glass.
Painting of a cafe scene
My exhibit/video revolves around the theme of cafés, society and art. The idea came to me when thinking about how important cafés were for artists in Paris.
How to Be Brown in Donald Trump's America
"A quick and handy guide" for dealing with racism.
Childhood memories of fleeing the Israeli-Lebanese war.
Childhood memories of fleeing the Israeli-Lebanese war.