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Detail from Sculling on the Potomac by J. Love, 1888. From the University Art CollectionBooth Family Center for Special Collections

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Theses and Dissertations - Copyright

Who owns copyright in my work after it is published in ProQuest?

  • You continue to own copyright in your thesis or dissertation - nothing in the submission process to ProQuest or DigitalGeorgetown changes that. 
  • You grant a non-exclusive license to Georgetown to make your thesis or dissertation available online in the University's Institutional Repository, DigitalGeorgetown.
  • You will also grant ProQuest a non-exclusive license to make your thesis or dissertation available online in its database, or, for a fee, you can make your thesis or dissertation available open access through ProQuest's PQDT Open.

What do I do if I have used materials created by others (text, images, data, charts, etc.) in my work?

  • If you have used the copyrighted works of others in your thesis or dissertation, you must evaluate each item to see if there is an exception to the copyright law that would allow your use:
    • Materials in the public domain are not protected by copyright law, and therefore may be used freely.
    • Fair use allows you to use limited portions of another’s work, including text, images, video, and music, in your new work. Visit our fair use page to learn more.
    • Some materials have Creative Commons licenses or similar licenses that allow materials to be reused with few restrictions.
  • If there is no exception that covers your use, you should request permission from the copyright holder to include the work in your thesis or dissertation.

Where can I get more information about copyright and my thesis or dissertation?