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Detail from Sculling on the Potomac by J. Love, 1888. From the University Art CollectionBooth Family Center for Special Collections

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Theses and Dissertations - Search Engines

When submitting your work to ProQuest, you will choose whether or not you want your work to be indexed and discoverable by major search engines.

If you want your work to be discoverable by search engines

If you choose ProQuest's traditional publishing and no embargo, searchers will be able to retrieve basic information about your work (title, author, abstract, keywords, etc.), and a link to ProQuest for purchase (nonsubscribers) or access to the full text (subscribers). If you choose ProQuest's Open Access Publishing PLUS, the full text of work will be available for anyone to read or download at no cost. 

If you make your work discoverable through ProQuest, up to 20% of a dissertation or thesis will be previewed in Google Books. Viewers can read any section of a dissertation in Google Books. 

If you do not want your work to be discoverable by search engines

If you choose not to have your work discoverable by search engines, ProQuest will instruct search engines not to include data about your work in search results. Scholars and researchers will still be able to find your work in DigitalGeorgetown.