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Digital Story

Spring 2017

Into The Past Animation
A short animation of part of a letter Julia's grandfather wrote her as a child.
Larry Calloway, bus driver at Georgetown University
Larry Calloway, a Bus Driver at Georgetown University, has been singing for more than 50 years.

Fall 2016

A family selling chicken and rice at the farmer's market.
A family sells chicken and rice at the Georgetown farmer's market.
Two Vietnam veterans discuss their time in war and battles with PTSD.
As Mike Pence moves to the Chevy Chase neighborhood, many of his new neighbors enact a 'polite protest.'
Presenting a voice to a community that had been the subject of much vitriol over the course of Trump's election: namely Hispanics and immigrant Latinos.
Tennis team
Follows the Georgetown Women's Tennis Team after the destruction of their home courts.
Watch this newscast to learn about Georgetown’s new Maker Hub!

Spring 2016

This video highlights a local initiative working with the KIND Causes Campaign.
Edwin Lopez travels to Ciudad Juarez in Mid-February to cover the pope's visit for The Caravel.
Unsung Heroes is an organization that focuses on promoting awareness and appreciation for workers that keep our university running behind-the-scenes.
There's a unique relationship between college kids and Chipotle restaurant.
"Today" provides a glimpse of what the intensity of a day for someone with depression might look like.

Spring 2015

My exhibit/video revolves around the theme of cafés, society and art. The idea came to me when thinking about how important cafés were for artists in Paris.
I chose to create an exhibition highlighting the aesthetic, yet functional features of glass.
What kind of containers are imposed on our lives?
A short video about the history of Israel through the lens of several children who live and have lived there.

Spring 2013

The Podcast is a live radio broadcast of the verdict at Galileo's Trial.

Spring 2012

This documentary explores the personal story of the triumphs and tragedies that come with revolution.

Fall 2011

Place is a way of understanding the world and more. Can the internet host a "place?" If so, how and why?

Spring 2011

This video explores the controversial role and identity of Mary Magdalene by comparing the opinions of different religious ministers.

Spring 2009

"An Enduring Gift" examines the story and influence of the Japanese gift of cherry trees to Washington, D.C.