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Library Showcase a collage of student projects


Spring 2021

Inspired by studies on indigenous epistemologies and indigenous languages, I sought to apply a critical speculative lens in creating an artistic work that offers one response on how decolonizing technology may look in concrete action.
The global pandemic has caused all of our lives to temporarily be placed on pause. But for sports in particular, teams have been forced to take an unprecedented hiatus. With the world progressively returning to normal in the wake of COVID-19 vaccinations, many teens and young adults are excited to get back in the game.
In this news clip, I covered a local arts festival in North Charleston, SC. Splicing together interviews and b-roll, I attempted to make a short video of the event that could be featured on a local news network.

Fall 2020

Still image of a group of people talking
This is a news video about the impact of COVID-19 on the arts community in D.C.
The Village Well is a bookstore-cafe in Culver City, CA planning to open in the week of December 13. Jennifer Caspar has been dreaming of starting this business for decades, and when the chips finally fell into place, the world fell apart

Spring 2020

Bryson standing in a dojo studio
Bryson is a senior instructor teaching Shaolin Kungfu in DC. Practicing Kungfu really changed his life
text spelling out the Georgetown Voice

Spring 2019

Mother Lead Screenshot
This documentary tells the story of lead poisoning Calumet, of motherhood, and of the will to fight environmental racism and violence.
DC row houses
This website explores gentrification as it relates specifically to DC neighborhoods.
Bring Brookins Home
This film sheds light on one man's story of a wrongful conviction and the immense challenges facing innocent inmates seeking exoneration.
Students studying in Lauinger Library
Why Hoyas love the "eyesore of campus."
Silhouette of Georgetown University's Healy Hall
A Georgetown student describes his unique experience with imposter syndrome while on campus.
Remember Me
This stop motion animation is dedicated to one student's parents waiting for their only child to return home to South Korea.
A trippy animated music video created for the Intro to Animation class.
2019 EP McDonough Cup Music Video
A small pep music video for the 2019 McDonough Cup.
Visual Music Screenshot
This stop motion animation project was completed using M&M's, Skittles, and black and white beans.
Still from "Gym Class"
A moment in gym class creates confusion about the human body.
Subjects and filmmakers of "Man Behind Bars"
This documentary tells the story of a man wrongfully convicted of murder in 1991.
Two women in a beauty supply store
This documentary explores the intricacies of beauty supply stores in the DMV area.

Fall 2018

Screenshot from "American, Too"
This film explores the changing policies of the U.S. government that affect migrants from Central America.
Georgetown student being interviewed on camera
Here's a video from the Hoya about the student section at Georgetown's basketball games.
Prison Labor Project
This video delves into the prison labor system of the U.S. to understand its a underpinnings, pervasiveness, and potential reforms.
Veterans Day 2018
This project honors the men and women who have served our country.
Screenshot from "I can't eat books"
A short video on food insecurity and how it affects the classroom.

Spring 2018

Lest We Forget Screenshot
The exhibit Lest We Forget by Luigi Toscano, displayed at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool features 120 photos of Holocaust survivors.
Laying Down the Edges Screenshot
Micah shares about her relationship with her natural hair.
Scooter in front of Georgetown University
Here's the story of Georgetown's latest transportation phenomenon.
MBA students building an eco wall in Peru
Georgetown evening MBA students helped build an eco wall for a local school in the outskirt of Lima, Peru.
Screenshot from America's Next Top Animal
An animated short reflecting the barbarity of the modeling industry.
Makeup being applied to a woman's eye
An animation of makeup application contrasted with destruction of the body.
View of the District Wharf
What does the District Wharf represent to the DC community after opening in 2017?
Screen capture from "Freedom of the Green City"
A Lego stop motion comedy animation on negative human impact on the environment.
Georgetown women's rowing team
This digital story encompasses the struggles and successes of the Georgetown women's rowing team.

Fall 2017

Portrait Thumbnail
An animated portrait of a Georgetown student.
47 Lies Thumbnail
James discovers an app that lets him detect all lies.
Ratina Whiskers Strikes Wisey's
Coverage of the Wisey's rat incident with a comedic twist.
School of Foreign Spies
A short action web series about international spies at Georgetown.
Oral historian
Follow the lives of two oral historians in this documentary film.
A student looking up at the John Carroll statue at Georgetown University
An autobiographical documentary which uses the classic trope of the "Dear John" letter to reflect on the subject's time at Georgetown.
Poetic Vibes
Last April, Harvey Fitz, 30, began hosting Poetic Vibes, a monthly open mic in Anacostia.
Brunch in D.C.
This participatory documentary explores the DC brunch scene with a group of millennials.
Georgetown students with President DeGioia on Thanksgiving
Ever wonder what a Thanksgiving holiday looks like in Ghana or China?
Girl using a mobile app
The Official Vocabulary Study App for Alif Baa and Al Kitaab
D.C.'s World War I Memorial
Why do we regard so many wars as "forgotten wars"? What consequences do we face when we deny these wars the cultural and academic attention they deserve?
Georgetown's Blue Light Emergency System
This video showcases the perceived safety issues present on GU’s campus and possible solutions.
Shavini Fernando
A documentary featuring those who struggle with Pulmonary Arterial hypertension (PAH).
Oneil's Jerk Chicken
Promo video for Oneil's Jerk Chicken stand at the GU Farmers Market.

Summer 2017

Chicken on a plate
An animation that illustrates how the demand for white meat in the US has pushed farmers to genetically modify chickens to have oversized breasts.

Spring 2017

Ronald Thomas-Bey
Sentenced to life imprisonment plus 115 years, Ronald Thomas-Bey fought his case and won his freedom.
black and white image of a man looking out a window
Evans Ray receives clemency from President Obama after receiving a life sentence for a non-violent drug offense.
Brett Oye: Photographs from childhood
Brett Oye shares his experiences as a returning citizen after being incarcerated.
Monte Pollard, director of community outreach at the D.C. Mayor’s Office for Returning Citizen Affairs
Monte Pollard shares his story of growing up in southeast DC, his time in prison and readjusting to society.
Jordan, a college freshman, becomes the subject of unwanted attention.
Jordan, a college freshman, becomes the subject of unwanted attention.
Into The Past Animation
A short animation of part of a letter Julia's grandfather wrote her as a child.
The Good Work
Students delve into Georgetown's past involving slavery and the years of silence between the slave community and the university.
DC Central kitchen
An orientation video for DC Central Kitchen.
Moruomi Li spends one more day with her grandfather in her hometown outside of Chongqing, China.
Moruomi Li spends one more day with her grandfather in her hometown outside of Chongqing, China.
Two cats find happiness on a sunny Friday.
In which two cats find happiness.
Diamond - Oil paint on glass
A short animation made with cut-outs and oil paint on glass.
Larry Calloway, bus driver at Georgetown University
Larry Calloway, a Bus Driver at Georgetown University, has been singing for more than 50 years.
Fortune cookies
Watch, laugh, and learn more about Fortune Cookies.
A book and a camera
Follows the personal journey of a young black male.

Fall 2016

A family selling chicken and rice at the farmer's market.
A family sells chicken and rice at the Georgetown farmer's market.
Veterans Day in D.C.
Two Vietnam veterans discuss their time in war and battles with PTSD.
Street Sense vendor
The voices of Street Sense vendors and editors tell their stories about their work to put an end to homelessness in our nation's capital.
D.C. protests Mike Pence
As Mike Pence moves to the Chevy Chase neighborhood, many of his new neighbors enact a 'polite protest.'
Hispanic Reaction to Trump Election
Presenting a voice to a community that had been the subject of much vitriol over the course of Trump's election: namely Hispanics and immigrant Latinos.
Hoyas Basketball
Hype video created for the start of the men's basketball season.
Tennis team
Follows the Georgetown Women's Tennis Team after the destruction of their home courts.
The Georgetown Maker Hub
Watch this newscast to learn about Georgetown’s new Maker Hub!

Summer 2016

Woman wearing a hat and looking out of a window
Washington, D.C. tenants' homes are threatened to be demolished for development.

Spring 2016

On a boat at Fletcher's Cove
360-degree footage of an Environmental Geoscience Lab's water quality tests.
Two women at a table
This video highlights a local initiative working with the KIND Causes Campaign.
Two people meeting face-to-face
In a future world, a man undergoes a procedure to relive and alter one of his most traumatic memories.
Pope Francis in Juarez, Mexico
Edwin Lopez travels to Ciudad Juarez in Mid-February to cover the pope's visit for The Caravel.
Fr. Kevin O'Brien, SJ at Georgetown
In "Deepest Sense", we bid farewell to Fr. Kevin O'Brien, SJ as he and other members on campus reflect on his time at Georgetown.
Unsung hero @ Georgetown University
Unsung Heroes is an organization that focuses on promoting awareness and appreciation for workers that keep our university running behind-the-scenes.
Chipotle in Georgetown
There's a unique relationship between college kids and Chipotle restaurant.
POV looking down steps
"Today" provides a glimpse of what the intensity of a day for someone with depression might look like.

Fall 2015

Photoshoot in Georgetown's Gelardin New Media Center
Video made for the Georgetown Stories project.
Students posing for a photo
Based on the spoken word piece, "Brochure Brother," this short film highlights various challenges faced by males of color on college campuses.
Live video game recording
The BinderBits Podcast is a topical show on film, television, and games.
A person stacking cards
It is time to have a frank discussion about our sources of stress.
Simulated video game at Georgetown University
Mission Possible uses stop motion technique to simulate a video game, which leads the audiences to explore the campus with the character and ends with Old North.
Open sign hanging at Georgetown Hairstyling
Vanussa and her husband took over Georgetown Hairstyling, a barbershop that stood here for more than a hundred years.
Film scene recreation
Scene Recreation: Students choose a scene from a feature film and recreate it shot for shot.

Summer 2015

Cuban Embassy flag
This commemorates the grand opening of Cuba's embassy in Washington D.C.
Georgetown University campus
Summer School created a campus tour video to showcase to our students that will be visiting students this summer.

Spring 2015

Painting of a cafe scene
My exhibit/video revolves around the theme of cafés, society and art. The idea came to me when thinking about how important cafés were for artists in Paris.
Glass artwork
I chose to create an exhibition highlighting the aesthetic, yet functional features of glass.
A person forming a heart with their hands
A mini-documentary made for Music 270 that explores the tensions of the intent to attend a music festival.
A clock fading into the natural landscape
What kind of containers are imposed on our lives?
A person holding a flower in their hands
College is hard enough without having to deal with serious financial worries and potential social exclusion.
A musician performing outdoors
This documentary explores film as a medium while focusing on Art Shares of Georgetown student performances.
U.S. soldier
Taking a close look at the lives and memories of three contemporary Veterans, How Can I Tell You About War reveals the complexities of identifying as an American Veteran.
A child in Israel
A short video about the history of Israel through the lens of several children who live and have lived there.
Jerome Wilson MMA fighter
Jerome is an MMA fighter. This a small insight into his fighting life.
Silhouette of a face in front of a natural landscape
A young female astronomer confronts cosmic mystery, inspiring uncertainty and wonder about the origins of the universe and the possibility of life after death.
Performers at the 39th edition of Cabaret
Cabaret is Georgetown University's own annual rock extravaganza. This was the 39th edition of Cabaret and the biggest to date, hosted by one of DC's favorite music venues, the Black Cat, on U Street.

Fall 2014

Has Facebook changed the way love and attraction work? "Likable Matters" is a contemporary silent short that tries to explore this question.
This is a short about a 20-something college student and his barber/brothuh/classmate.
The piece is meant to be a fun mini representation of the 'Jarabe Tapatio' folkloric dance with skeletons.
"To Be Dunbar" examines the nation’s first public high school for African Americans, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, a site of academic excellence in DC until desegregation.
This is a short video I created for my Intro to Animation class.
A short film on the unique hair journeys of several of Georgetown's African-American women.
This is an experimental documentary that explores the challenges our society poses to artists, specifically musicians.
This is The Hoya's official 2014-2015 Georgetown Basketball preview.
Dominican painter Jeankarlos Cruz talks about his most recent art project, a series of informal meet ups with New Jersey-based artists combining live music, painting and other expressive forms.

Summer 2014

We interviewed students and Summer Hoyas asking them to pronounce several words and see how being from different locations can affect our English, and how diverse the campus truly is.

Spring 2014

I've wanted to be a YouTuber since my very first YouTube video.
A commentary on rejection.
A tongue-in-cheek homage to French New Wave cinema of the 1960's.
A parody of Georgetown's finest betches.
A new student develops trichotillomania (obsessive urge to pull out one's own hair) after reading a distressing Buzzfeed article.
A documentary about Hoya Break Squad.
A video tour of the four freshman dorms.
As short film about a boy who finds an emotional outlet in an unexpected place.
The film, written for Melissa Bruno's Narrative Filmmaking course, explores love, loss and healing through the eyes of the misunderstood.

Fall 2013

"Capedal” is a documentary exploring Washington, D.C. off the tourist path and onto the cycling path.
These videos were created as part of an ITEL project to explore what type of impact flipping specific units of a grammar class has on student learning.
This documentary shows my quest to find mountain biking trails in the Washington DC area.
Music Composition
The purpose of this project was to explore some of the challenges and techniques associated with recording the sound of the rear-facing French horn.
The Art and Science of Dirt
This film observes what dirt creates and brings to them.
Georgetown ROTC member
This documentary tells the story of the history and current day status of Georgetown ROTC through shadowing one of its top cadets.
Georgetown students hanging out
This project is an examiniaton of how space is related to sound.
I started a personal project called 'Harmless Colors' to create simple colorful sentences on white walls of different public corridors.

Summer 2013

MSFS in Saudi Arabia
MSFS students and administrators spend 11 days traveling through Saudi Arabia during March of 2013.

Spring 2013

Woman lying on a sofa
Cyclical is a short experimental film that focuses on the mental disorders of anxiety and depression.
Asiafest at Georgetown
This documentary video is about students learning Chinese at Georgetown.
Galileo looking through a telescope
The Podcast is a live radio broadcast of the verdict at Galileo's Trial.
News story about gun violence
John Benjamin shows us why we should adopt universal background checks for gun purchases.
Still from video
Perpetual is a short experimental film directed by Katherine Propper.
Georgetown men's rugby team
A 10 minute documentary about the Georgetown men's rugby team.

Fall 2012

Soda bottle exploding
Various visual elements embody a spontaneous release.

Spring 2012

Fists touching with flags painted on them
This documentary explores the personal story of the triumphs and tragedies that come with revolution.

Fall 2011

Union Market in Washington, DC
A documentary exploring Union Market's place in Washington, D.C.
See Something, Say Something explores the indirect dialogue that graffiti creates.

Spring 2011

Image of presentation
Through both a review of scientific literature and a discussion of the human cost of the procedure, this presentation explores these questions from the perspectives of the child, the adult survivor, the parent, and the practitioner.
Street Musician
Does a street musician stand out from the chaos of the street or add to it? Do the unpredictable sights and noises around him compliment his music or obscure it?
Mary Magdalene
This video explores the controversial role and identity of Mary Magdalene by comparing the opinions of different religious ministers.
Thumbnail for video
This project is a 9-minute short film assigned for Buddhism and Film class. The film alternates footage of two student actors with an animated parable and split-screen footage of a dream sequence.

Spring 2009

Home Front Lines
We explore how innovations in communications technology have changed how soldiers communicate with family and loved-ones, and how the same innovations create new challenges for the armed forces.
The Tipping Point
Students in the Advanced Video Production Class in the Journalism program put together a collection of short, news-style pieces.
Claymation Mouse
Watch Big Bubba at his best, but don't get in his way because he just might "KNOCK YOU OUT!"
An Enduring Gift
"An Enduring Gift" examines the story and influence of the Japanese gift of cherry trees to Washington, D.C.