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Maker Hub Workshops and Events

Orientation Sessions

Students wishing to make use of the Maker Hub must first attend a brief introductory session to familiarize themselves with the basic safety rules of the space, and sign our Release Waiver.

Some pieces of equipment also require their own safety orientation session before students can use them.

Orientation sessions can be delivered any time during our open hours.

Classes, clubs, or other school groups are encouraged to contact us to schedule an orientation session or a tour.

See our Policies and Procedures page for more details.

Weekly Skill Shares

We learn best when we learn together!

Join your like-minded makers at our new weekly “Skill Shares ” two-hour blocks, led by one of our community members to share a useful skill or work together on a project.

While we may sometimes run structured workshops in this time period, usually Skill Shares are casual, peer-to-peer learning events. You can get an introduction to the topic, learn a new skill, get help on a project, and connect with fellow makers to come up with new ideas and bring them to life in the Maker Hub. Makers of all skill levels are welcome; Jam Sessions work best when the group has beginners, journeymen, and experts all hanging out together.

Note: During Jam sessions, the Maker Hub remains open to all other activity. You can still sew during Arduino Thursday, or 3D print on Woodshop Wednesday.



Do you have a skill you want to share? Please contact us at makerhub@georgetown.edu if you'd like to set up your own weekly skillshare or one-time workshop!


Introductory workshops are optional, but recommended for first-time users. Though workshops tend to fill up, please remember that you're always welcome to drop by the Maker Hub during our open hours to learn from our talented staff and volunteer community. Take a look at our Skills Calendar to see what skills available to be taught during our open hours.


Maker Hub Public Events Calendar 

This is the Maker Hub Public Events Calendar, where we share upcoming workshops, presentations, open club meetings, weekly skill shares, and other activities open to the public. We will also display our open hours and those rare occasions when the Maker Hub is closed to everyone.

"It's Your Maker Hub"

You are welcome to use the Maker Hub to share a skill or show off a project. If you'd like to host an event or run a workshop in the Maker Hub, please contact makerhub@georgetown.edu to make arrangements. Please bear in mind that the Maker Hub cannot be reserved for private events, though the adjacent Idea Lab can be reserved.



Sorry, there are no workshops scheduled at this time. Please check back later!