Due to ongoing repairs in Lauinger Library, the temperatures on Floors 5, 4, and in the Pierce Reading Room are currently lower than normal. Users may find more comfortable temperatures on the 3rd Floor outside of the Pierce Reading Room and on Floors 2, 1, and the Lower Level as well as the Bioethics and Blommer Science Libraries.

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GU Computer & Electronics Club


GU Computer & Electronics Club



Department/Organization that oversees facility:


Faculty/Staff/Student coordinator(s) of facility:


Contact email


What equipment, tools, supplies and resources are available in this space?

Workshops, job search support (mock interviews, resume review). Arduino, Rasberry Pi, etc.

What is the process students/staff must go through to use this space?

A desire to learn how to code / build projects! Email gucec@georgetown.edu

What items aren't available that users need to provide for themselves?

A laptop.

Student Organizations associated with space?

GU Computer & Electronics Club, Hoya Hacks

Is this space for the dedicated use of a specific program or department?


Are there specific courses students can take to get additional training/exposure to this area?

All Computer Science courses. GUCEC holds various events throughout the semester.